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8-8-2018 David "Doc" Hastings' Memories of Charlie Batttery 




David "Doc" Hastings' Additional Memories of Charlie Battery

David "Doc" HastingsMany thanks to David Hastings for some additional memories of Charlie Battery at Phouc Vinh in 1966-67.  It's interesting how one still remembers things from our past service in Vietnam more than fifty years later.  David is a skilled writer and has included a few photos to help visualize his memories.  I think you will find them interesting.
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5-1-2018 Dennis Weehunt's Restoring a Vietnam Era Jeep




Dennis Weehunt's Restoring a Vietnam Era Jeep



Dennis Weehunt PhotoDennis Weehunt, who served with Service Battery 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam from Jul 71 to Mar 72.  His hobbywas building street rods, muscle cars and classics.  He  had thought about restoring a military vehicle for a long time.  What better to restore than a Jeep, "Mutt", a M151A2.  A vehicle he new well while serving in Vietnam. 

He found his Jeep on Craigslist in Fresno, CA in Sept 2017.  It did not take him long to completely restore it.  You should Click Here to see Dennis' photos and learn how and why he restored his Jeep.





5-1-2018 Jack Curry's Memories of Quan Loi




Jack Curry's Memories of Quan Loi



From its beginning in 2002 this website has served not only those who served with the 6/27th Artillery, but also anyone who served at Quan Loi, Vietnam.  Quan Loi was a unique place.  Located in the middle of a French rubber plantation with the airstrip used as a golf course for French plantation managers, it also included an Olympic-size swimming pool and several lighted tennis courts as well as a club house for the plantation managers to fly-in with their families and unwind at those facilities.

Jack Curry PhotoWe have always welcomed photos, stories or memories from anyone who served at Quan Loi.  We recently received three short memories from Jack Curry who served with Graves Registration, 1st Infantry Division, at Quan Loi from January to March 1968  Jack has become an "honorary" Cannon King when he and his wife, Jane, attended the 2016 Branson Reunion of the 6/27th Artillery Vietnam.  Jack gives us three unique memories of Quan Loi and we thank him for them as well as the duty he performed in Quan Loi.  Click Here to read Jack's memories.







2-7-2018  Cliff Nehring's Bravo Btry Photos 1965-66





Cliff Nehring's Bravo Batttery Photos 1965-66


In 1963 at the age of 17 years, three months, Cliff Nehring enlisted in the U.S. Army.  Cliff did his basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and his advanced at Ft Sill, OK where he trained on a 105 howitzers.  While there he also received training on all types of army vehicles.

He did a tour of duty in Korea and when he returned in 1964 he was assigned to Ft. Bliss, TX where he was placed in one of the first heavy artillery units which were soon Vietnam bound.  Cliff traveled “in style” aboard the USNS Gordon where his bunk was one of five bunks stacked to the ceiling.  The trip took 30 days and he and his fellow soldiers were glad to get off the ship and unto land, even though it was Vietnam.

In his six months in Vietnam, (Yes, they did send you to Vietnam if you had six months left of your enlistment), he was able to shoot few voyage over and of the first staging area on the grounds of Saigon University as well as Phouc Vinh.



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2-1-2018  Larry Korteum Remembers Tet - 1968





Larry Korteum Shares His Memory of Tet 1968


Lawrence KorteumFifty Years ago to the day, then SP4 Lawrence Korteum, Service Battery 6/27th Artillery shares his memory of that historic day.  It is hard to believe that fifty years have passed since then.  I believe you will find Larry's memory a poignant one and from one of our fellow Cannon Kings.  Perhaps you were there in 1968 and you have your own memories or you had already completed your tour or were yet to begin it, but Tet 1968 was a turning point in the war that warrants remembering.  Thanks Larry for sharing the memory.


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12-10-17  David Williingham's Charlie Btry Photos




David Willingham's Charlie Battery Photos Phouc Vinh 1968 - 1969

David Willingham PhotoDavid Willingham arrived at Phouc Vinh and Charlie Battery 6/27th Artilliery in September 1968.  He was first assigned to the Ammo Section, but within a couple of weeks he Was moved to the Executive Post as Battery Recorder.


David has shared 73 photos with the site from Charlie Battery in 1968 and 1969.  We think you will enjoy his photos and you Charlie Battery Vets may recognize a face or two.  There are a few unidentified so we could use your help if you remember any of them.









4-1-2017  Juan Maldonado's Memory of June 11, 1967 Quan Loi Ground Attack

Juan F. Maldonado's Memory of June 11, 1967 Quan Loi Ground Attack

Juan F. Maldonado TodayJuan Maldonado, a member of

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10-26-16 Larry W. Thomas's 1969 Quan Loi Video


SP5 Larry W. Thomas' 1969 Quan Loi Video

Larry W. ThomasWhile in Vietnam SP5 Larry W. Thomas, F Battery 16th Artillery, purchased an 8 mm movie camera from the PX shortly before leaving country, with the idea he would be able to film his infant daughter when he arrived home. Larry said he had the camera for only a few days in Vietnam. In the remaining days he had at Quan Loi in 1969 Larry made just this one video of Quan Loi Base Camp and F Battery 16th Artillery with the idea he would be able to show it to his family when he arrived home.  We are lucky Larry kept the film and years later had it digitized and now shares a copy with us.

Although Larry’s video is short, it does give you a good image of Quan Loi, especially Larry’s 155 mm towed howitzer battery.

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October 12, 2016  Branson 2016 Reunion Report & Photos


2016 Reunion News2016 Branson Reunion

I am sorry it took longer than past reunions to put together the 2016 Branson Reunion Report with Photos, Video and Accounting. Perhaps I am getting slower in my skills as we all grow older, or maybe it was caused by the fact that we had a record number in attendance which meant so many more photos to edit, etc. 

With that said, I am happy to present the 2016 Reunion Report.  I have tried to assure that it is error free, but if you find a typo, or a misspelled name, please email me and I will do my best to promptly correct it.

My thanks to Roger Mallory and Les Higa for sharing their photos and an extra thank you to Les for taking all of the individual attendee's photos.  Great Job, Les!

 Photos, Video, Report & Accounting
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8-16-16  Jim Hoyt's Bravo Battery Photos - 1968-69


Jim Hoyt's Bravo Battery Photos - 1968-69

Jim HoytJim Hoyt's Vietnam Photos Jim Hoyt served with Bravo Battery at Song Be from May 1968 to Feb 1969.  Like many of us, he purchased a camera a starting snapping shots around the Bravo Battery Area.  He had to learn some new tasks to get his photos to us, but he did a great job in mastering the art of scanning, etc.

Separated into six separate galleries for ease of viewing, Jim did his best to caption the 127 photos he agreed to share with us.  His photos are a great addition the website and to the history of Bravo Battery.  Many thanks for sharing your photos, Jim!



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2-8-16 WACR Radio Blackhorse Quan Loi

Ever Hear of WACR Radio Blackhorse Quan Loi?

In the Spring of 1970 Quan Loi, Vietnam, got its very own radio station.  It was hard to believe!   Before its arrival the only receivable stations were Vietnamese.  It was a joy to listen to "The Quan Loi Kid" or "Lucky Fritz" playing American popular music. They, via WACR Radio Blackhorse, brought a piece of Home to Quan Loi.

On May 20, 1970, John Wavra, then Alpha Battery Clerk, taped over three hours, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. at the EM Club on a reel to reel tape recorder.  An 8 plus minute sample of that recording has been available on the website for several years.  Now you can listen to the entire 3 hour plus recording in its entirety. 

In addition you can also now listen to over 1 1/2 hours of a recording from May 1, 1970 made by then CW2 Brian Russ, a Cobra Pilot with Blue Max at Quan Loi (C Btry 2/20 ARA).

A long over-due thank you is given to all those soldiers who made it all possible.

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10-9-15 Trolling For Targets - A Story by John Girardeau III


Trolling For Targets
  War Zone D, Viet Nam, 1966
A  Story by John Girardeau III
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8-27-15  New Book - Vietnam Trucker by William E. (Bill) Patterson


Vietnam Convoy Trucker
By William E. (Bill) Patterson

A new book recently came my way that I think many of you who served in Vietnam will enjoy.  “Vietnam Convoy Trucker”, written by William E. (Bill) Patterson, who served in Vietnam with the 319th Transportation Company, an activated National Guard Unit from Augusta, GA from 1968 to 1969, is a lively and entertaining memoir of his time there.  In short it is a “good read”.

Bill’s book provides you the opportunity to sit down with a Vietnam Comrade and learn through a series of his memories what it was like to be a convoy driver of a 5-ton cargo truck, Number 36, during a one year . . .  Click Here to Continue


8-17-15  Additional Information on the saga of the "Quan Loi Queen"


New Information on the Saga of the "Quan Loi Queen"

New information on the saga of the "Quan Loi Queen" has become available thanks to MSGT Robert Aston (U. S. Air Force, Ret.).  Robert flew into Quan Loi on the support aircraft and was tasked with helping to start the Queen via its "prop wash" at Quan Loi.  It was a perilous job as you will read.  Robert has sent an article that appeared in the Air Force Base newspaper in Taiwan and photos of the "Queen" in the wash rack at Tan San Nhut AFB, South Vietnam.  Many thanks to Robert and his son, Bob, for sending this new "Quan Loi Queen" information.

Click Here to See the Article and Photos.



8-14-15  Ken Wright's Passing

Ken Wright

Photo Ken Wright 2008It is with sadness that we report  the passing of Ken Wright, Charlie Battery Gun Chief, on 27 July 2015 at 18:30 hours.  Ken was a friend and content contributor to this website and he will be missed by many.   More information will follow when available.  Click Here to read Ken's Obituary



8-4-15  VC Raid on Quan Loi


11 July 1967 VC Raid On Quan Loi

Photo Johnny KInderJohnny Kinder was sent to Quan Loi, at what turned out to be a very inappropriate date and time.  He was a mechanic with BN Maintenance, HHC 1st Engr Bn, 1st Inf Div. and he was sent to Quan Loi to adjust a transmission on an Allis Chalmers HD16 Bulldozer.  It turned out to be a very exciting trip to say the least.  Many thanks to Johnny for sharing his eyewitness memory of that night.  Click Here to Read it.



7-19-15  Fifty Years Ago


50 Years Ago

19 Jul 1965 -  The 6/27th Artillery was alerted for deployment to Vietnam.

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6-18-15  New CanonEar Newslwetter


The New Cannon Ear

A Newsletter of the 6/27th Artillery Vietnam & Quan Loi Dot Org

In an attempt to keep you informed when new content is added to the website and to spotlight content you may have missed from the over 4000 pages on the site, it had been decided to publish an email newsletter at least quarterly if not sooner.  If we had a current email address for you we added it to the mailing list and you should have received the first issue already.  Thanks to all of you for the good comments many of you have sent. 

If you have not received the latest issue and would like to view it and/or be added to the mailing list so you will receive free future issues in your email box just:

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5-21-15 - The Frenchmen's Swimming Pool and Clubhouse at Quan Loi Video


Frenchman's Club & Swimming Pool

Frenchmen's Pool at Quan Loi PhotoIf someone asked those of you who served at Quan Loi, South Vietnam to name one good memory of the place - perhaps it would be the Frenchmen's Swimming Pool and Clubhouse Area. It was a unique place in Quan Loi let alone the entire country of South Vietnam and it was a very good memory.
The Frenchmen's Area is long gone now, removed by the new government of a united Vietnam some years after reunification, but the memory is preserved in GI's photos and in one case the only known film of the place. Come back with us now and revisit that memory in new video.

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4-17-15 - New Searchable "A Legacy of Honor  History of the 6th Battalion, 27th Artillery



"A Legacy of Honor
History of the 6/27th Artillery 1917 - 1967"

A new "searchable" copy of this exceptional history of the 6th Battalion, 27th Artillery is now available for download in PDF format.

It has long been a goal to re-type SP4 Paul Frederick's entire History as a searchable text document.  Well, it was a long process that was not without its benefits, in that it, at last forced me to read the entire document while typing it from the first to the last word.  I have tried to remain as faithful to the original document with this copy, correcting only minor errors where discovered.  Due to the differences used by SP4 Frederick’s manual typewriter page layout and today’s computer edition there may be some slight differences in page numbering.  In this edition footnotes have been numbered consecutively rather than by section.

SP4 Paul R. Frederick’s History of the 6/27th Artillery is a remarkable document, especially when you consider the conditions of where and when it was researched and written – on the battlefield per se – Phuoc Vinh, Vietnam in 1966 and 1967.  Regrettably SP4 Frederick’s history ends in the middle of 1967.  The 6/27th Artillery remained in Vietnam for another four years serving in heroic ways.  No history of these remaining years has yet to come to light.  Perhaps one day one will.

John A. Wavra
Webmaster, QuanLoiDotOrg 

Click Here to Download - (PDF - 5.26 MB



3-25-2015  New photo galleries from John Girardeau and splendid interview at the Virginia War Memorial entitled "Memories of Vietnam with the 6/27th Artillery 1965-66 with added photos from John and fellow soldiers taken during the time.  Click here to see.



3-8-15 Karl Sherck's Charlie & Alpha Battery Photos 1967 - Photos by Karl Sherck


Karl Sherck's Charlie & Alpha Battery Photos - 1967-68


Photo Karl SherckKarl Sherck had the "privilege" of serving with two 6th Battalion 27th Artillery batteries in Vietnam - Charlie and Alpha.  He has graciously shared his photos from 1966 to 1967.  There are over thirty photos from his Charlie Btry time.  In July of 1967 he was transferred to Alpha where he served out his Vietnam tour.  Three photo galleries include over eighty photos of Alpha Battery, the French Swimming Pool and photos of Vietnamese children at Christmas 1967.  Many thanks to Karl for sharing his photos.


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7-27-14  Adrian Gravelle's Vietnam - 1965-66 -  Photos by Adrian Gravelle



Adrian Gravelle's Vietnam - 1965-66
Adrian Gravelle was the FDC Officer with Charlie Btry, 7/8th Artillery in 1965 when he and several other officers were transferred to the 6/27th Artillery in Ft Bliss, TX.  The 6/27th had been recently alerted for movement to Vietnam and needed to fill out its roster and needed officers and cannoneers.   Adrian made the voyage on the USNS General Gordon and shares photos of that trip.

During his initial months in Vietnam he worked out of Phouc Vinh as a forward observer and as a liaison officer in the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division’s Tactical Operations Center/  In early 1966 he was eventually assigned to Service Battery  6/27th as XO. 

e are pleased that Adrian has agreed to share many of his photos from his time in Vietnam including the building of Service Battery's compound in Long Binh, Service Battery convoy photos as well as miscellaneous other photos and documents from 1965-66.  They are a great addition to the website and add to the history of the 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam.  Our thanks go out to Adrian for sharing his memories from Vietnam..



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07-12-14  Dale Martin's Vietnam Photos 1965-66


Dale Martin's Vietnam Photo 1965--66

Dale Martin joined the 6/27th Artillery in March 1965 and made the voyage over on the USNS General Gordon.  He ended up being assigned to Alpha Battery moved to the first camp near Bien Hoa.  Dale's collection of 45 photos cover those early days when Alpha was the "Bastard Battery" and move around in support of different operations. 


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02-22-14  John Girardeau's Vietnam Photos 1965-66


John Girardeau's Vietnam Photos 1965-66
We are happy to add photos from an officer who made the ocean crossing on the USNS General Gordon to the website.  John Girardeau was commissioned as a 2Lt after graduation from Georgia Tech ROTC in 1964. He served a twelve month tour and held a number of positions with the 6/27th including  Forward Observer, Air Observer, Battalion Fire Direction Officer, or Assistant S-2.  He recalled someone having described him as “...the most shot at man in the Battalion”. John spent 18 years in the Army Reserves and retired in 1985 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel while also working at E. I. DuPont until his retirement in 1993.

his is a collection of 13 photos taken during John's tour and he says he may be adding to it now that he has recently purchased a slide scanner.  Our thanks to John for sharing his photos and we look forward to seeing more.   


View John Girardeau's Photos


Operation Toledo-- 10 Aug – 7 Sep 6610 Aug – 7 Sep 66

The 6/27th Artillery had two Forward Observers and two Recon Sergeants on the ground and Charlie Battery provided reinforcing fires for the 173rd's direct support artillery during Operation Toledo.  John Girardeau was one of those Forward Observers.  Learn about Operation Toledo and view photos taken by 1LT Melvin Jones, Assistant Senior Adviser, ARVN 35th Bn, which also participated (Copies given to John Girardeau) during the operation.

Visit Operation Toledo and View Photos




01-31-14  John Anderson's VN Photos 1965-66


"Memories of the Voyage to Vietnam"
In 1964 John Anderson was drafted into the U.S. Army shortly after obtaining a degree at Oregon State University.  Like many of us, he eventually ended up in the Artillery - specifically,  Alpha Battery 6/27th Artillery.  In October 1965 John still had seven months to serve of his two year stint.  When the unit was deployed to Vietnam he joined 5000 other G.I.s aboard the USNS General Gordon for a 30 day sea voyage. The Army rule was that anyone with more than six months left in their service would be eligible for orders to Vietnam.

Fortunately for us, John was an amateur photographer and he took his camera along.  John has agreed to share over 360 of his photos taken during his seven months in Vietnam.  It is the largest group of photos the website has ever received.  Included are photos at Ft Bliss, TX, the ocean crossing on the General Gordon, the first camps near Bien Hoa, the 1965 Bob Hope Show and the 1966 Ann-Margret/Johnny Rivers USO show to describe a few.  The photos are grouped into 19 photo galleries.  John also has provided a narrative of the journey over on the Gordon.

In addition to his photography skills, John is a fine watercolor artist.  You will have an opportunity to view a sampling of John's work as well as purchase one if you find any to your liking.



View John Anderson's Photos




03-26-13   Charles "Duke Holden's Charlie Battery Photos


Charles "Duke" Holden's Charlie Battery Photos

Duke Holden served with Charlie Battery from January 1970 until August 1971.  Many of the 59 photos he has shared with us were taken at Bu Dop and are of fellow soldiers he served with.  Duke has identified almost everyone in the photos but a few are labeled as "Unknown".   If you recognize anyone be sure to let us know.  View Duke's photos here.



02-18-13  Steve Simpson's Vietnam Photos 1968-1969


Steve Simpson's Vietnam Photos 1968 to 1969
Steve Simpson was a Grunt. He served with the 3rd BDE, 1st Cavalry Division (AM) Garry Owen.  Part of his tour was at Quan Loi.  Steve died in 1995, but his three brothers, Kenny, Bill and Richard remember and miss their big brother to this date.  In 2008 Richard found Steve's Vietnam photos while clearing out his Mother's house after her death.  Over three hundred photos covering his graduation from Infantry Training to his time at Quan Loi and An Loc, including time at Long Binh, his R&R in Taiwan and other locations.  The Brothers wanted to share his photos and we accepted their offer.

The Simpson Brothers knew where Steve had been while in the Army and could identify Steve in the photos, but no one else.  They were not sure where each of the photos was taken, but working with them we tried to guess where the photos were shot and arrange them in some kind of order.  Steve's photos are of great quality and add greatly to the website, especially those taken while he served on a detail to clean-up the Frenchman's Swimming Pool at Quan Loi.  These are shots of the pool never seen on this website or any other. We invite you to view them and let us know if you agree.  If you can identify anyone in the photos please let us know.  Many thanks to each of the Simpson Brothers for their willingness to share their brother's photos and their memories of him with us..




01-12-13   Ken Prorok's Quan Loi Photos 1967-688


Ken Prorok's Alpha Battery Photos 1967 to 1968


Ken Prorok arrived at Alpha Battery in Quan Loi just as the battery relocated there from Lai Kai on February 4, 1967.  Ken had a camera and he took many 35mm slides once he was settled. 

Page 37 "A Legacy of Honor - A History of the 6/27th Artillery 1917 to 1967" By SP4 Paul Frederickk
15 June 1967   Phuoc Vinh, RSV

Among Ken's sixty-five photos included here some show us the first FDC at Quan Loi and one of the first showers and other "necessaries".  Above ground personnel bunkers are still being used before a fateful rocket attack woke up the Command to the dangers of the sitting battery and construction timetables were moved up for construction of underground personnel bunkers.

Page 37 "A Legacy of Honor - A History of the 6/27th Artillery 1917 to 1967" By SP4 Paul Frederickk
15 June 1967   Phuoc Vinh, RSV15 June 1967   Phuoc Vinh, RSV

Many thanks to Ken Prorok for sharing his photos which add to the visual historical records of the battery.  You will find Ken's photos worth the time it takes to view them.



08-25-12   Charlie Battery Comrades Hold Reunion in Florida in May 20122



Charlie Battery Comrades Hold Mini-Reunion in Florida


In May 2012 "Charlie Battery" Gun #1 had a reunion. It was held in St Augustine Florida where Jim Suessmann has a condo. We met Friday night at the pool where we had drinks, drinks, drinks and BBQ.  Although not pictured, most of the wives were in attendance  Not pictured but who attended was Tony Volponi and his wife Charlene.  Click Here to read the rest of the story..



07-07-12   Bill Posey's Charlie Battery Vietnam Photos 1970 - 71



Bill Posey's Charlie Battery Photos - 1970 to 71

ill Posey writes:  "I arrived in Vietnam In April 1970 at 90th Replacement Center. I was then assigned to 6/27 Artillery “C” Battery in Phu Loi. I was a "Shake-and-Bake" buck sergeant and was assigned to gun 3. About two weeks after I arrived we got orders that we were going to relocate in the fish Hook area. We jumped around building firebases, most of which I cannot remember the names of anymore. It was a solid five weeks of hard work, although it was exciting."Bill Posey writes:  "I arrived in Vietnam In April 1970 at 90th Replacement Center. I was then assigned to 6/27 Artillery “C” Battery in Phu Loi. I was a "Shake-and-Bake" buck sergeant and was assigned to gun 3. About two weeks after I arrived we got orders that we were going to relocate in the fish Hook area. We jumped around building firebases, most of which I cannot remember the names of anymore. It was a solid five weeks of hard work, although it was exciting."

Join Bill in viewing over 300 images from his first Vietnam tour of duty with Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery.  In six separate photo galleries Bill shares his photos with the site and you.  Thanks for sharing your memories and photos with us, Bill.  Click here to view Bill's photos..





03-22-12   Added Tom Vehe's Vietnam Photos & Memories - 1967


New Photos From Tom Vehe - Quan Loi 1967
It is with sincere apologies to Tom Vehe, after many months since he sent his photos, that they are now finally up on the website.  Tom served with Alpha Battery from May 7 to July 17, 1967 when he was wounded at Quan Loi by an incoming rocket and was medivaced south, never to return.  It was on this same night that Mike Berek was killed.  This night of rockets would mark the beginning of the end of above ground personnel bunkers.

Tom's memory, as with many of us, is not as good as it was forty-five years ago so we need the help of the "collective majority" to identify some of the soldiers and places in the photos.  Follow the instructions to notify us if you recognize anyone or any place in Tom's photos.  Click Here to see all 100 of Tom's photos and read his memories of the night he was injured.  Tom, thank you for sharing your photos and memories and your patience in getting them up on the website!!



11-08-11   Added 27th FA Association October 2011 After Action Report by Henry Parker



27th Field Artillery Association Holds Reunion at Ft Sill27th Field Artillery Association Holds Reunion at Ft Sill

Captain Henry Parker, USA (Ret) sends this after action report of the revitalized 27 FA Association reunion held at Ft Sill, OK on October 13 - 15, 2011.

ur reunion Theme "Wall of Honor" dedicated to the 48 members of our Regiment KIA in Vietnam was represented by all three combat battalions 1st, 5th and 6th. The attendees were Peter Antonicelli and Joan, Tony Bongi and Karen, Don Clay, Norm Cooney and Linda, Les Cramblet, Al Daley and Laqueta , Bruce Dees, Ernie Dublisky, David Fitchpatrick, Ed Gaydos and Kathleen, Rik Groves, Howard Hatton and Jean, Andy Kach and Masha, Jim Kustes, William Lockart and Mary, Paul Marchesseault and Pat, Tommy Mulvihill and Drew Mulvihill, John Munnlley, Connie and William, Hank Parker, John Romaka, James Scavio, Fred See, Harold Singrey and Joyce, and Lynn Holzer..

The first day Oct 13 we had a golf scramble at the Ft. Sill Golf Club scheduled by John Romaka and tour of the Artillery Museum and Ft. Sill Historic Museum... Click Here to Continue



07-25-11   Added Jim Fillerup's HHB & Quan Loi Photos 1969-70



New Photo/Video of HHB 6/27th Artillery at Quan Loi

Jim Fillerup served with Headquarters Battery 6/27th Arty from September 1968 to December 1969.  During that time he was wounded twice and was awarded two Purple Hearts.  While in Quan Loi, Jim snapped photos of his battery area and the surrounding areas and has been kind enough to share his photo video with the website.  Many thanks Jim! from September 1968 to December 1969.  During that time he was wounded twice and was awarded two Purple Hearts.  While in Quan Loi, Jim snapped photos of his battery area and the surrounding areas and has been kind enough to share his photo video with the website.  Many thanks Jim!  Click Here to View



07-25-11   Added Les Morris' 1st Cav MET and Quan Loi Photos 1969-70




Quan Loi - Artillery Ballistic Meteorology Unit of the 1st Air Cavalry Division

Les Morris served with the 1st Cav MET section at Quan Loi.  The met section provided support to Alpha Battery with weather data and information.  MET Sections launched weather balloons into the atmosphere which measured upper air temperatures and density and provided data to the FDC.  This information was important for accurate firing computations and settings.  The unit was located just north of the firing battery.  Les served with Dave Bedard, (see below information on "I Remember Quan Loi" a book of remembrance written by Dave).  Thank you Les for sharing your photos of the MET Unit and other Quan Loi Photos.  Click Here to View..



03-21-11    Added Joseph Pollace's Vietnam Photos - 1969



Joseph Pollace's  Vietnam Photos - 1969

Many military units had some type of base in Quan Loi during the course of the war  and called it "home" during their VN tour of duty.  Joe Pollace served with the 195th Assault Helicopter Co. which was attached to CCS SOA SOG.  Their unit was nicknamed the "Thunder Chickens" and they supported the operations of SOG while based out of Quan Loi.  Note:  (The Studies and Observations Group was a U.S. task force formed on January 24th 1964 to carry out OPLAN 34A, a program of covert actions designed to convince the North Vietnamese leadership to desist from supporting and directing the war in the Republic of Vietnam (RVN)1. In doing so, SOGwas to advise its South Vietnamese counterpart organization, the Special Exploitation Service (SES).")was to advise its South Vietnamese counterpart organization, the Special Exploitation Service (SES).")

Joe was kind enough to share a few of his photos from 1969 while serving in his support helicopter unit.  Click here to view.  Many thanks Joe




03-21-11  Added Eyewitness To History- New memories of events that took place at Quan Loi from veterans who were there..



02-03-11    Added James Floyd's Building New Gun Pads at Quan Loi and Other Photos - 1968-69


James Floyd's Photos - Building New Gun Pads at Quan Loi and Other Photos

James Floyd was a member of Second Platoon, B Company, 31st Engineers, and he

 worked with his fellow soldiers building new gun pads for Alpha Battery 6/27th Artillery at Quan Loi.  During work on the pads he had time to take some photos of the work areas as well as the guns of Alpha Battery.  James' work along with his fellow B Company Engineers made life just a little easier for the gun crews of Alpha Battery.  View his photos here.



01-24-11    Added Jim Higgins Quan Loi Airstrip & Aircraft Photos - 1969-70



Jim Higgins Quan Loi Airstrip & Aircraft Photos - 1969 to 1970

In November 1969 Jim Higgins arrived in Quan Loi to replace a young man who had been killed in a mortar attack.  During his months in Quan Loi working as an air traffic controller he took many photos of the Quan Loi Airstrip and the various aircraft that visited there.  Join us in viewing more than fifty of Jim's photos.  I am sure you will find an aircraft you either came or left Quan Loi on.  We also send a special salute to all those crews who flew these aircraft. Without you risking your lives those of us on the ground may not have been here todayy




01-04-2011  Added Gene Long's Vietnam Photos 1965 to 1966




It Took Seven Years to Get These Photos!

Gene Long served with Bravo 6/27th Arty from September 1965 to

 March 1966.  He shipped over with the 6/27th Artillery on the USNS W. H. Gordon.  Gene sent his first photos to the website in 2003 with promises of more to come.  Every few months I would receive a few in a batch of emails with promises of still more to come and the request that I should wait until they all arrived before putting them on the website.  Well, they are finally all here and ready for you to view.  There's over 85 great shots of the crossing, of Phouc Vinh, of Vung Tau on a 3-day in-country R&R as well as of a regular R&R in Sidney, Australia and of a 2-day pass in Saigon.  Many thanks for sharing your photos with the site, Gene.  It was worth the wait!



12-09-2010  Added Tom Watkins Vietnam Photos 1967 to 1968



Tom Watkins Vietnam Tour - 1967 to 1968

With over 170 photos, Tom Watkins photo collection is a great addition to the website.  With photos taken throughout his one year tour with Alpha Battery 6/27th Artillery, Tom's collection includes early photos of Quan Loi, before underground personnel bunkers were built, his 3-day In-Country R&R to Vung Tau as well as his regular R&R to Sidney Australia.  Many thanks Tom for sharing your photos!  Click Here to start viewing.



11-19-2010  Added Thomas Richard Dwyer''s name to the In Memoriam page.  Thomas served with F Battery 16th Artillery which was attached to the 6/27th Artillery in 1969 when Thomas died as a result of an incoming rocket at Quan Loi.  We are honored to add his name.



10-26-2010  Added Bill Wynne's F Battery 16th Arty Photos




Finally - Photos of F Battery 16th Arty Attached to 6/27th Arty

Many thanks to Bill Wynne for sending some of his photos from his days with F Battery 16th Artillery in Vietnam.  For those of you who do not know, the 6/27th Artillery had a 155mm howitzer battery attached in late 1968 or early 1969.  This battery was F /16th Artillery which some considered the 6/'27th's "D" Battery.   For a time F Btry was located at Quan Loi.  Bill has included photos of F Battery's guns, FDC and personnel while at  Quan Loi and some other locations. His photos are a welcome addition to the website and will help tell the complete story of the 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam.  I think you will find them of great interest so check them out..



10-06-2010  Added 2010 Las Vegas Reunion Photos





07-12-2010  Added Ralph Constantine's Vietnam Photo Album




Photo Gallery - Quan Loi, Song Be & Nui Ba Rah 1969-70

Many thanks to Ralph Constantine who recently sent his photos.  He wrote, "I arrived in Vietnam on the 4th of July 1969.  Shortly after I was sent to HHB 6/27th Arty at Quan Loi.  I was part of the Commo platoon and worked directly for E-7 Garrett and mostly with E-5 Caldwell.  I pulled guard duty and worked as a switchboard operator (Hay Maker).  When E-4 Tucker went home I got his job on the water truck an did that for quite awhile - maybe six months.  I worked for a short time in the "TALK" which led me to the job as a radioman at the relay station on Nui Ba Rah.  I remember very little of our move to Phu Loi and shortly after I went home."  I think you will enjoy his photos.  Click Here to view


01-25-2010  Added "Michael Chalifoux's Quan Loi, Vietnam - Parts 1-6"


QuanLoi.Org Adds Historical Quan Loi Vietnam Videos to Website
In 1966 Michael Chalifoux, assigned to the 1st Infantry Division, was only in Quan Loi for a month when his aunt  in Pennsylvania sent him a Super-8 movie camera.  Over the next 7+ months Mike shot film in and around Quan Loi, including the Frenchmen's Swimming Pool, the airstrip with all types of aircraft, the nearby Montangard Village, and An Loc to list just a few.  His film shows Quan Loi (L Z Andy) in its early days as an airstrip. 

The 40+ minutes of film was copied to DVD.  For ease of viewing on the website the video was edited into six smaller videos.  Mike was interviewed during a Skype call and his comments were added to the videos.  All six videos were uploaded to youtube.com and then embedded on pages on the website.  You can view them all by clicking here.  Thank you Mike for sharing your film with us.




08-24-09  Added "Alpha Battery - "Lai Khe to Quan Loi - 1966 - 1967" -  Photos by Leonard Mulholland


Lai Khe to Quan Loi - 1966 - 1967"
In this fine addition to the website Leonard Mulholland provides us with his memories and photos of Alpha Battery while located at Lai Khe in late 1966; the move to Quan Loi in January 1967, as well as photos of life at Quan Loi .  In all there are 109 excellent photos to view.  Leonard would have had many more photos to include except a fire in his home destroyed them in 1983.  With the help of a good friend he was able to save these photos included here.  Many thanks for sharing them with us, Leonard!  Click here to view.


08-24-09  Added "Doc Hastings Remembers"  Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery  August 1966 to June 1967


Charlie Battery Medic Remembers His Vietnam Service
David Hastings was an accountant with a Master's Degree when he was drafted in June, 1965.  Naturally, the Army took his extensive education into account when they decided to send him to the
Medic Training Center, at Fort Sam Houston, Texas to train be be a medic.  David recalls his days with Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam and includes a number of photos of Charlie Battery at Phouc Vinh.  Click here to read "Doc Hastings Remembers."to read "Doc Hastings Remembers."




07-24-09  Added "Jan Maclaga's Vietnam Photos 1969 - 1970"


Jan Maclaga's Vietnam Photos 1969 - 1970"
If you served in Alpha Battery at Quan Loi you should enjoy seeing Jan's photos from October 1969 of the Battery at Quan Loi.  In four galleries, Jan provides us with 97 photos including a special section on one of the USO shows at 1st Cav Hqtrs Quan Loi.  Also included are 37 photos taken at FSB Burkett in 1970  and a gallery of "Friends and Comrades"  - a few of which we could use your help in identifying.  Click here to see them.



07-24-09  Added "The Saga of the Quan Loi Queen" - Memories from the pilot, Lou Harii


"The Saga of the Quan Loi Queen"

Chances are, if you were at Quan Loi on November 17-18, 1969, and you had a camera, you took photos of a C-130 that was hit by a rocket on the Quan Loi Airstrip.    I took several photos as did Jan Maclaga, Dennis Camp, Glen Russell and Jim McLain of that damaged aircraft.  I'm sure there are many more squirreled away in closets and attics of Quan Loi Veterans.   That battered C-130 was a "curiosity" of the war. All of us knew that the plane was severely damaged from that rocket and it would remain on the side of the airstrip for several months until a crew was finally sent in with a new wing and other parts to repair her.  I doubt that any of us knew that the twenty-one year old USAF Loadmaster of the Queen, Norm Thomas, was killed that day from rocket shrapnel.  It is time we honor his memory. Chances are, if you were at Quan Loi on November 17-18, 1969, and you had a camera, you took photos of a C-130 that was hit by a rocket on the Quan Loi Airstrip.    I took several photos as did Jan Maclaga, Dennis Camp, Glen Russell and Jim McLain of that damaged aircraft.  I'm sure there are many more squirreled away in closets and attics of Quan Loi Veterans.   That battered C-130 was a "curiosity" of the war. All of us knew that the plane was severely damaged from that rocket and it would remain on the side of the airstrip for several months until a crew was finally sent in with a new wing and other parts to repair her.  I doubt that any of us knew that the twenty-one year old USAF Loadmaster of the Queen, Norm Thomas, was killed that day from rocket shrapnel.  It is time we honor his memory.

All of us at Quan Loi relied on the crews of the C-130s, C-7A Caribous and choppers who flew in mail, supplies and provided us safe transportation.  Quan Loi would have been a whole lot worse without them.  Thanks to the pilot of the Quan Loi Queen that November day, Lou Hari, we can now learn the complete story of that sad incident and what eventually happened to the Quan Loi Queen.  I think you will find it one of the most interesting stories to be added to the site.  Click Here to read it.


06-13-09  Added "Present at the End" - Roger Garner's Photo Collection of Bravo and Charlie Batteries - 1971


"Present at the End" - Photos of Bravo & Charlie Btrys and the Stand Down
Roger Garner had the "pleasure" to serve in two 6/27th Batteries - Bravo and Charlie - in 1971.  His photo collection brings us snaps of FSB Wade, Snuffy, Haymaker and a number of FSBs whose names he does not recall.  Roger was present at the end of the 6/27th Battalion's time in Vietnam when they stood down at Phu Loi in late October 1971.  Click here to view his photo collection and read his memory of his tour.


05-22-09  Added  Quan Loi - 1968 Photos By Roy Maldonado


Quan Loi - 1968 Photos By Roy Maldonado
It is always a pleasure to add a Cannon King's photos to the website.  Although Roy Maldonado freely admitted that to many years had passed and he remembers few of the names of fellow soldiers in his photos he still wanted to share them with the hope that many you would help add the names to those not identified.  If you recognize anyone send us an email with the photo number and who as in the photo.  In the meantime - just enjoy the photos by clicking here.



05-22-09 "From The Heart" - A Story For Memorial Day - by Roger Mallory


"From The Heart" - A Story For Memorial Day - by Roger Mallory
It's interesting how, as we live our daily lives some 40 years after our tours of duty in Vietnam, it's the ordinary things in life that can suddenly catch our attention, and before we realize, they spark a memory and we find ourselves back in a point in time just as if it was yesterday.  So it is with Roger Mallory's new story, "From The Heart", a memory of a duty assignment he had after returning from his extended Vietnam service tour in 1970.  As it turns out, it's a fitting story for Memorial Day this year.  Click Here to read it..




04-17-09  Added  New Quan Loi Photos From 1967 by John McCaw


John McCaw served in Vietnam with A Co. 1/18th Inf, 1st. Inf. Div. from Oct. '66 to Oct. '67.  During his tour he and his unit operated around Quan Loi from April thru July '67.  During this time he took several photos of the "big gun", recently arrived (January 1967) at Quan Loi.  In addition he snapped photos of the Frenchman's Swimming Pool at one of the times that G.I.s, including John, were allowed to swim in the pool.  His photos are a great addition to the history of Quan Loi and Alpha Battery.  Thanks for sharing them with us John!  Click Here to view.

04-17-09  Added  Ralph Roberts Quan Loi Video - 1969


Out of habit I periodically search the net for anything new concerning Quan Loi.  A few days ago to my surprise I came across a video on You-Tube from Ralph Roberts who served with S2, 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry in Quan Loi.  While there Ralph had tried out a new 8mm Kodak camera in 1969.  Having recently found that 40 year old film, Ralph decided to have it digitized and soon added it to his You-Tube page.  He graciously allowed us to include his video on a page in this website.  The quality is good and the narration is interesting.   It is the only video of Quan Loi I have come across.  I think you will enjoy it.  Click Here to view


04-17-09  Added  Gary Korovich's Vietnam Images 1970-71


Gary Korovich served with ABtry 6/27th Arty during a period when the guns were mobile. first in deployment into the field in support of the Cambodian invasion with stops at Ft Defiance and FSB Burkett and eventually to Loc Ninh and then Bu Dop.  With over 50 photos, Gary's gallery has provided us with a wide array of images from each of these locations from 1970.  Many thanks Gary for sharing your photos with us.  Click Here to view.


04-17-09  Added  Glen Russell's Vietnam Tour Photos - 1969-70


Glen Russell's Vietnam Tour Photos - 1969-70
The first of three photo galleries to be added to the website this month, Glen Russell's Vietnam photos cover a wide gambit of service with the 6/27th Artillery.  In this gallery you will find photos of of the Quan Loi/An Loc area as well as several FSBs Glen took while TDY with the 11thACR.  There is a gallery on Nui Ba Rah and various photos of aircraft and weapons.  With over 90 photos it is an interesting trip back to 1969-70 Vietnam.  See it Here


03-20-09  Added "Incomng" by Ken Wright


There's a Right Time For Everything - Lessons Learned
In his story "Incoming", Ken Wright, Charlie Battery, remembers with help from his former gun crew members, that it is not wise to prepare for a move of the guns too early.  You might save a little time in the morning but it can lead to some hair-raising consequences.  Check it out Here.


02-23-09  Added "What Did CPT Albers See"


"What Did Don Albers See - ABtry Quan Loi 1969"- Photos by Don Albers
We welcome a small collection of photos from Don Albers, Alpha Battery Commander (Nov69 to May 70).  Don says "he was never much for taking photos", in fact, he says "he's still not", but these photos of the Alpha Firing Btry Area and the Mess Hall at Quan Loi in 1969 are a nice addition to the site.  I think you will find they bring back a lot of memories.  Thanks Don! I think everyone who served under you will agree you were a fine Battery Commander.  Click Here to see..


02-10-09  Added "A Medic's Remembrance of May 12, 1969"


A Medic Remembers the night of May 12, 1969
Fred Deakins was a medic with the 15th Medical Company at Quan Loi.  He was there the night of May 12, 1969 when the camp and several LZs were attacked.  It is a memory he still can not forget after almost 40 years.  It is a remembrance you also will not forget and we thank Fred for sharing it with us as well as being there to do his job that night.  Click Here to read it.   




12-31-08   Added  "Mad Minute" by Roger Mallory

Mad Minute
In "Mad Minute" Roger Mallory recalls one of his most interesting experiences  while on temporary duty on Nui Ba Ra.  If you ever pulled guard duty while in VN you probably participated in a Mad Minute just as Roger, however, Roger learned a valuable lesson about his that was unique.  Find his story here..



11-28-08   Added   2008 Branson Reunion Report and Photos

11-20-08   Added "As Everyone Knows..." by Ken Wright


Reunion Story Triggers Remembrance
While attending the 2008 Branson Reunion Richard Fillerup told a story about rats in Quan Loi that reminded Ken Wright of an encounter with a nest of snakes.  You never new what you would run into in VN Read his story here.

08-07-08   Added "The Numbers System" by Gary Graham


The Numbers System
In his latest story Gary Graham realizes that his Vietnam experience has left subtle changes in his everyday life he has never before thought about.  All of us who served there came away changed in different ways - some with minor changes some with major.  Gary hopes you find ""The Numbers Systemm" - numbah one..

08-07-08   Added "08-07-08   Added "My First Night At Quan Loi"  by Roger Mallory


My First Night at Quan Loi

fter a long absence, Roger Mallory shares another memory with us.  This time it's of his first night at Quan Loi at the duty that we all hated to perform, but knew our lives could depend on it - Guard Duty!  His story should bring back a few memories for everyone who spent four hours staring into complete darkness.  You'll find it here.


06-27-08   Added "Headgear" by Gary Graham



A new story from Gary Graham explores the reactionss hehas received when he decided to start wearing "Vietnam Veteran" headgear seven years ago.  A fun way to meet fellow veterans?  Interesting reactions? - Find out  when you read Gary's "Headgear.


05-24-08   Added Who We Are"

Who We Are  This website was started in October 2002 by John Wavra with much assistance from Jim Hynes and Reed McDonald.  It has since grown to what you see on your screen today.  It would be but a few pages if not for all of the comrades who helped.  I thank each and every one of them for their contributions of photos and/or stories, etc., which have helped to began to tell the story of the 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam.  It is long past time that credit is given to all those who helped.  See them all at Who We Are. There is still much to tell.  Come, join us!  Add your photo or name to those listed on the Who We Are Page by sending your memories and stories to me. Email    Conjuncti Stamus     John Wavra

05-22-08   Added "Quan Loi - August 12, 1969 Ground Attack - A Grunt's Perspective" by Thomas Mathis


Quan Loi - August 12, 1969 Ground Attack - A Grunt's Perspective
Thomas Mathis was with the A Troop 1/4 Cav on the night of August 12, 1969.  His memory of that night brings a new perspective to what took place when the NVA attacked Quan Loi that night.  It is worth your time.  Click Hereto read his account from the new August 12 Start Page..

03-18-08    Added "Evan McIntire's Quan Loi Images 1968-1969"


Evan McIntire's Quan Loi Images 1968-69
Most of us stationed in Vietnam took some things for granted - Mail Call, for instance.  Come rain, sleet etc....How did that letter from your wife, sweetheart or whomever get to you in Quan Loi or wherever you were located! With the help of your diligent APO (Army Post Office) staff members, naturally.  Another fellow G.I. just doing his job.  Evan McIntire shares a few photos from his Quan Loi days forty years ago, including shots of the 1st Infantry Division APO and the Quan Loi PX.  Find them heree.

03-12-08    Added "Finally Flying" by Ralph Porter


Ralph Porter Joined the Army to Fly
Well, things don't always work out as you plan but Ralph got to fly while he was in the Army anyway.  In "Finally Flying" Ralph remembers how going Artillery got him up in the sky.  It's an interesting story by a dedicated volunteer soldier.

12-19-07    Added "Vietnam Images - 1969 - Phuoc Vinh" - Photos by Bill Sponseller


Phuoc Vinh - Charlie Battery - 1969 Photos
William "Bill" Sponseller who served  at Phuoc Vinh has provided us with images of his time with Charlie Battery and some photos of "going home".  Bill joins others from Charlie in our attempt to document the 6/27th Artillery time in Vietnam.  Click Hereto check them out - I think you will enjoy seeing them, especially and vintage shot of Norm Wolfinger (See below) in khakis at Ft. Sill..

12-17-07    Added 1965-66  Ft. Bliss, Texas- Photos by Maurice McRobertss


Maurice McRoberts Remembers Ft. Bliss 1965-1966
When th 6/27th Artillery shipped out from Ft. Bliss, Texas to Vietnam Maurice McRoberts was the only one in his gun section to go as he had four months left of his service obligation and back then the Army needed troops in VN.  Maurice did not have a camera for his short Vietnam tour but he did send us some nice shots of Ft. Bliss, Texas where the 6/27th Artillery trained before shipping out.  Click Here to see.

11-29-07    Added Vietnam Images 1969 to 1970" by Dennis Camp


Vietnam Images from Dennis Camp

Headquarters Battery member Dennis Camp - 1969 to 1970, has contributed over fifty photos of HHB at Quan Loi, Baseball Stars at Quan Loi, Bravo Battery at Song Be as well as photos of An Loc and the 6/27th Artillery Civic Action Projects to list a few.  One of Dennis' many duties was to edit the 6/27th Battalion newsletter, "Headquarters Battery member Dennis Camp - 1969 to 1970, has contributed over fifty photos of HHB at Quan Loi, Baseball Stars at Quan Loi, Bravo Battery at Song Be as well as photos of An Loc and the 6/27th Artillery Civic Action Projects to list a few.  One of Dennis' many duties was to edit the 6/27th Battalion newsletter, "The Cannon-Ear".  Dennis has some new and interesting photos in his galleries.      Click Here to view his them.to view his them.

11-29-07      Added 1965 Aerial Quan Loi Frenchman's Pool Area Photos


Unique Aerial Quan Loi Photo Surfaces
Many thanks to resent visitor to the site who passed on a link to a site of personal photos which contained what seems to be a "one of a kind" aerial photo of the Quan Loi "Frenchman's" Pool Area from around 1965.  I was able to track down the owners of the photo and received permission to include it on the site.  The owner wishes to remain "Anonymous".  Anyone who served at Quan Loi will find it interesting because it was taken before anyone from the U.S. Army arrived to make any changes.  Click Here to view.

10-19-07      Added "Vietnam Images - 1969"  photos by Chuck Clarke


Images of Vietnam - 1969
Chuck Clarke had eight and one half months remaining of his service time when he was shipped to Vietnam.   He spent six of those with Alpha Battery on #4 Gun and as a driver for CPT Hoffman working on 6/27th Arty civic action projects including the An Loc Girl/Boy Scout Troop. His remaining time was with Service Battery hauling supplies in convoy up Hwy 13 to the various 6/27th Batteries.  I think you will find his photos interesting, especially his convoy photos.  Check them out.

10-19-07      Added a new Map Room Link Page- May be accessed from Links on Home Page


Map Room Added to the Website
Where the hell was Quan Loi?  Where in the World is the place I was stationed at while with the 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam?  Maps are an absolute necessity in the piecing together of any history and the 6/27th Artillery's is no different.   We have always used maps, but until now there has not been a central place on the website from which to easily access those maps when the need arouse.  I believe that need is now addressed with the addition of a map page for the site.  Now available as a navigational link on the top of each page of the site it should be much easier to view both the maps hosted on this site as well as some of the best Vietnam maps sites on the web.  Explore it here.


10-10-07      Added   Ken Wright's   A Meeting With A MineKen Wright's   A Meeting With A Mine

10-10-07      Added - Stars and Strips August 14, 1969- Reporting August 12-13, 1969 Quan Loi Ground Attack - Courtesy Sharon & Robert W. Smith


09-30-07       Added Jeff Gahagan's Remembering Charlie Battery 1969-70


Jeff Gahagan's Remembering Charlie Battery 1969-70
It has been the policy of this site not to publish photos without the express permission of the owner of those photos.  In January of this year Bill Sponseller forwarded photos sent to him by Jeff Gahagan.  I have attempted to contact Jeff on several instances to obtain permission as has Bill Sponseller and we have had no luck.  It is Bill'
s belief that Jeff granted permission went he sent the photos to him.  These are interesting as well as quality photos, and after several months of wrestling with the problem of no direct permission, I have relented and decided to share them with you.   Click hereClick hereto view them.  

08-03-07       Added Ken Wright's Vietnam Videos 1970-71


Ken Wright's Vietnam Videos

A great addition to the site has  recently arrived  from Ken Wright, #1 Gun Chief, Charlie Battery, 1970-71.  Between September 1970 and April 1971 Ken shot 8mm film of Charlie Battery as it moved from Fire Support Base to FSB in Vietnam.  Last year Ken's son transferred this film to VHS video and recently Ken had those tapes transferred to DVD.  Ken was generous to share some of those movies with us. 

In order to expedite download and viewing the video has been split into four parts and set up as Windows  Video Media files.  Two versions of each part were made - one for faster broadband users and one for dial-up users.  The versions are identical but viewing size is smaller for the dial-up user.  Even then, the files range from 42-45 Mbs for broadband and  22-26 Mbs each for dial-up users.  It may require your patience to load and view each part, but I think you will find it worth your time.  Click Here to start viewing.  Thanks again, Ken!!!!


07-18-07       Added "North Star Five Niner, Over" by Gary Graham 


"North Star Five Niner, Over"

After a long absence, Gary Graham, a frequent past contributor of stories and photos to the site, has finally added a new story, and it's a good one.  An oilfield service company's slogan back home in Oklahoma came to mind every time Alpha Battery FDC received a particular radio message with the call sign "North Star Five Niner, Over" in 1969. In this story Gary takes us through the procedures of a fire mission in FDC.  This you find it interesting.


06-18-07       Added "Vietnam Photos - 1967 to 1968" by David Peart


David Peart's Vietnam Photos 1967-68

Recently I received an email with an offer of possible photos of Quan Loi to add to the site.  A quick check of David Peart's Picasa photo album page was enough to convince me that they all would make a good addition.  The former Big Red One Lieutenant's album contains 160 photos from August 1967 to August 1968 of Quan Loi, An Loc, Lai Khe, Phu Loi, Hwy 13 and surrounding countryside as well as other locations in VN.  The album will return you to places you may remember from those times forty years ago.  Rather than duplicate the work David had done with his album I thought it would be fun for you to see the photos in David's original album.  Click Here to see them and learn about David's time in Vietnam.  Thanks David for sharing your photos with us!!



06-05-07      Added "Frappr" Map to the Flash News Page- Check it out and join to add your name, photo, location and comments to the map.  You need Adobe Flash to use..  Now Discontinued.


04-27-07       Added Selected Documents From the National Archives


History in the Raw
If you are interested in history in the raw, check out some selected U.S. Army documents on a new page of this website.  Many thanks to Ralph Porter who passed on copies of selected 6/27thArty Operational Reports as well as selected 2/11thACR Daily Staff Journals he obtained from the U.S. National Archives.  Copies of documents will be added to this page as they are received by this website if deemed relative to the 6/27thArty Vietnam and/or Quan Loi, etc.  Check out these PDF files here.  If you have copies of documents you received from the National Archives or some other official body you would like to share with this website, please forward copies to the webmaster at the address below.

04-15-07       Added "A History of French Rubber Plantations in Vietnam"


A History of French Rubber Plantations in Vietnam

Many of us were assigned to duty stations in Vietnam in or near a French rubber plantation.  Ever wonder how these French plantations got their start?  Now you can learn about this period of Vietnam and French colonial history there. A French website (translated here) supplies many of the details in that history.  Thanks to the diligent research and gracious generosity of François Denis FIEVEZ, the publisher, original early photos and documents are reproduced here that tell the story of the plantations including the Quan Loi Terres Rouges Rubber Co.  Check out "The epopee of Rubber" along with lot's of other interesting things on his website. Many of us were assigned to duty stations in Vietnam in or near a French rubber plantation.  Ever wonder how these French plantations got their start?  Now you can learn about this period of Vietnam and French colonial history there. A French website (translated here) supplies many of the details in that history.  Thanks to the diligent research and gracious generosity of François Denis FIEVEZ, the publisher, original early photos and documents are reproduced here that tell the story of the plantations including the Quan Loi Terres Rouges Rubber Co.  Check out "The epopee of Rubber" along with lot's of other interesting things on his website.  Click Here to start.


04-02-07       Added  "HHB Photos - March 68 to May 69" by Rod "Pete" Petras


Rod "Pete" Petras' HHB Photoss

A new group of eighteen photos from Rod "Pete" Petras is on the site today.  Rod served with HHB from March, 1968 to May, 1969.  The group includes a couple of photos of Phouc Vinh with the remainder of Quan Loi.  Two photos of our fallen brother, Robert Brupbacher are also included in the group and have been linked to his "In Memoriam" page.  Click Here to see them.


03-29-07       Added " Views From Gun # 4 - Jan 1969 to March 1970" by Robert Moore


Robert Moore's " Views From Gun # 4 - Jan 1969 to March 1970"

Bob Moore served on Gun #4, a 175mm, with Alpha Battery for almost thirteen months.  During his tour he took photos during much of that time.  Here, in nine galleries, Bob shares over 110 of his photos.  The fog of thirty-eight passing years has settled over Bob memory, just as it has over each of ours.  Some soldier's name's are not known and once again we need that "collective memory" we have established here to offer some help.  Let us know if you recognize an unidentified soldier in any of the galleries.  Also included in the photos is a turn in the field that also could use identification.  We think you will enjoy viewing Bob's photos from the past.  Click Here to see them.

03-07-07       Added "The Ocean Journey of the 6/27th Artillery Equipment" by Wesley Jefferies


Wesley Jefferies' The Ocean Journey of the 6/27th Artillery Equipment
Well, it took a little more time to wrap up the fifty plus pages of this photo/audio story from Wesley Jefferies then originally planned. Join us as we return to 1965 for a fascinating ocean journey from Ft. Bliss, Texas to Vietnam.  Contributing many new pieces to finishing the historical puzzle of the 6/27th Artillery Vietnam, Wesley's photos and his audio commentary (excerpts from a Skype interview taped January 31, 2007) are a great addition to the site.  We trust you will agree.   Take the trip now.  Bon Voyage!  Many thanks, Wesley, for sharing your memories of that voyage.

If you have photos of the troop ship crossing on the USNS Gordon, please consider contributing them to the site! 
Drop us an email.


12-14-06      Added "Mistakes and Transitions" by Ralph Porter

12-01-06      Added "May 12, 1969" - Mike Cumiford Remembers

12-01-06      Added "June 5, 1969" - Mike Cumiford Remembers


06-26-06     Added Adin Tooker's 1966-67 Vn Photo Collection and Tour of Duty Narrative

06-02-06     Added "Chieu Hoy Leaflets" Courtesy Marc Levy

06-01-06     Added "KABOOM!" by Roger Mallory


05-05-06     Added "Flying Too Low" by George Montgomery

05-05-06     Added "Trophies" by Marc Levy


04-27-06     Added "The Battle at Burkett, Choices Made" by Ralph Porter

04-14-06     Added "Convoys - The First One" by Roger Mallory

04-10-06     Added "Dead Letter Day" - a Poem with Commentary by Marc Levy

04-10-06     Added "Deconstructing Defiance" by Ralph Porter


03-23-06     Added "Malaria Pills" by Ralph Porter

03-15-06     Added a new reorganized Photo Gallery Link Page

03-15-06     Added "Paradise" by Marc Levy

03-10-06     Added Ralph Porter Photo Gallery - Part 4

03-07-06     Added "The Expendable Gun" by Ralph Porter

03-03-06     Added Ralph Porter Photo Gallery - Part 3

02-26-06     Added "Today's Mourning" by Mike Mercer

02-25-06     Added Ralph Porter Photo Gallery - Part 2

02-22-06     Added Ralph Porter Photo Gallery - Part 1

02-04-06     Added "No Windows, No Doors"  by Mike Mercer


01-18-06      Added "Long Binh Bound 707"  by Mike Mercer

01-17-06      Added two new photos courtesy Celestino P. Salinas, Delta Co, 1st Bn, 2nd Infantry, 1st Infantry Division, Sept 1967- July 1968.  The French Pool and Quan Loi Airfield


12-22-05      Added "The Best Christmas Ever" by Roger Mallory

12-22-05      Added "Vietnam Today" - A Q & A with Scott Krueger

12-10-05      Added "Quan Loi Miscellaneous Photos" - a Photo Gallery by Edmund "Eddie Zak" Zakrzewski

12-10-05      Added "Hwy 13 Convoy Memories" - a Photo Gallery by Edmund "Eddie Zak" Zakrzewski

12-07-05      Added 175mm Gun and 8inch Howitzer original Technical Manual - Sample Pages - Courtesy the Holbrook brothers

12-07-05      Added "Artillery Vietnam" - A 1970 publication of 23rd Artillery Group Vietnam

12-06-05      Added ""Turkey - A Story of Christmas in VietnamTurkey - A Story of Christmas in Vietnam" by Gary Graham

12-06-05      Added ""Sgt. Jack – My Nemesis"  by Roger Mallory

12-06-05      Added "The Dark Angry Secrets of Mike and Doc" by Marc Levy


11-07-05      Added "Photo Jim Dumb" by Marc Levy

10-29-05      Added ""Klink am Zurichberg" by Marc Levy

10-27-05      Added "Alpha Battery 1971" Photos by William Bradbury

10-16-05      Added "My Big Fat Beautiful R & R" by Marc Levy

10-12-05      Added "Conflict Resolution" by Marc Levy

10-10-05      Added "Respect" by Marc Levy


09-29-05      Added "Spit Shine Guard Mount" by Roger Mallory

09-19-05      Added  "The Most *%&%#@# War Story of All *%+&&^#% Time" by Marc Levy

08-16-05      Added  "A Legacy of Honor - History of the 6/27th Artillery 1917 to 1967"

08-16-05      Added  "From the Heart and Mind of Marc Levy"  A series of stories from a former 1st Cav Combat Medic

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06-30-05      Additional Travel Journal Entries in Marc Levy's "06-30-05      Additional Travel Journal Entries in Marc Levy's "Sapa, Vietnam - Travels in Southeast Asia 1995- Journal Entries- Journal Entries"

06-30-05      Added Marc Levy's "06-30-05      Added Marc Levy's "A Grunt's Life Around Quan Loi - 1969"

06-30-05      Added  Larry Korteum's Photo Gallery "VN Views by a Service Battery 6/27TH Arty Ammo Hauler 1968-69"

06-30-05      Added Marc Levy's ""Song Be to Breakdownn" - Memories of Vietnam by an Infantry Medicc

06-27-05      Added Gary Graham's Part Five of Five  "06-27-05      Added Gary Graham's Part Five of Five  "My Journey Back to the World - And He’s Buying"

06-27-05      Added Eddie "Zak" Zakrzewski's "Before May 12, 1969"

06-27-05      Added Eddie "Zak" Zakrzewski's "May 12, 1969"


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05-25-05      Added Eddie "Zak" Zakrzewski's Photo Gallery "6/27th Quan Loi Areas 1968-69"

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05-25-05      Added H.L. Barbee's Photo Gallery "Alpha Battery 1968"

05-25-05      Added Marc Levy's "Return to Quan Loi 1995"

05-25-05      Added Gary Graham's Part Four of Five  "My Journey Back to the World - Look At All Those Bright Lightss"

04-29-05      Added two of a planned five photo galleries from Eddie "Zak" Zakrzewski "Sgt Eddie Zak's Photo Gallerys - 1968-69"

04-29-05      Added a three photo gallery from Howard Barbee "1968 TET Results on 6/27th Motor Pool"

04-29-05      Added "Around Alpha Battery - 1969" Jim Mclain photo gallery

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03-29-05      Added  Reprinted review of new book "Vietnam Chronicles: The Abrams Tapes"

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03-29-05      Added "Views of Frenchman's Pool" - More photos not included in the original Frenchman's Pool pages..

02-21-05      Added "02-21-05      Added "Flight #1 - Quan Loi International Airport" - A story with photos by Bill Carr"

02-21-05      Added ""My Journey Back to the World - Part 1" - The first of five parts by Gary Graham

02-21-05      Added ""Trilogy of Travel" - Three stories by Roger Mallory

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12-06-04      Added ""My Journey to Loc Ninh"  by Tom Hynes

12-06-04      Added "Electrical Problems"  by Gary Graham  by Gary Graham

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