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6/27th Artillery Vietnam Area of Operations  (Note all these maps are large so be patient)

        Map Legend (For these maps)

        An Loc - Quan Loi - Loc Ninh

        Bu Dop - Dong Xoai - Phouc Binh - Song Be

        Ben Cat - Lai Khe

      Phouc Vinh

        Phu Loi - Bien Hoa - Di An - Saigon

       Long Thanh - Plantation - Xuan Loc

Originals of the above maps can be found at:  Jim Henthorn's Maps of South East Asia - Vietnam, Laos, Thailand & Cambodia

Where was An Loc/Quan Loi?

        Map 1        Map 2

Vietnam Corps Map

Major Units Locations - 1969

FSB Defiance and FSB Burkett Vietnam 1970 - Map Labels Courtesy Reed McDonald

Don "SGT Snuffy" Smith's Maps & Map Reading Instructions

Map Reading Made Easy

An Loc/Quan Loi Maps

Phouc Vinh Maps

Loc Ninh Maps

Saigon - Thanh Phu Ho Chi Minh City Maps

Maps on other Websites

Jim Henthorn's Maps of South East Asia - Vietnam, Laos, Thailand & Cambodia  One of the best Vietnam Map Websites

Ray Smith's Map Room   A Terrific Source of Maps Concerning Vietnam Areas of Operation and Topographic Digital Map Images - See Some Relevant Maps Below:

          Bien Hoa/Long Binh Base

        Loc Ninh/Song Be

        Saigon/Bien Hoa/Plantation

South Vietnam Reference Map - This is a fine interactive map on the C-7A Caribou Association website

Vietnam 1970 - The Cambodia Attack - Department of History U.S. Military Academy

Maps of Vietnam - Visit this Map Room on The Vietnam Veterans Home Page for extensive Vietnam Maps

Vietnam War Map - A copy of a find satellite labeled map from Google Note - look for incorrectly labeled Quang Loi (LZ Andy)

Quan Loi Present - A labeled copy of a satellite image of present day Quan Loi from Google

Vietnam War Zone D 1965 to 1967 - See note on page

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