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Jim Higgins worked in the Control Tower at Quan Loi Airfield with the 322nd Aviation Support Detachment from November 1969 to March of 1970.  Jim wrote:   "I arrived at Quan Loi by truck from Saigon.  I was sent there as a replacement for a Young Man who was killed in a mortar attack. I did however leave there in a UH-1. The months I spent there were the most memorable."   During his time at Quan Loi, Jim took many photos of the Quan Loi Airstrip and various aircraft that "visited" the airstrip. 

Jim sent photos in two sizes.  It was decided to preserve the large photo's detail and color by including two photo galleries.  The smaller photos show the new control tower being build with photos of the airfield and aircraft.  Had the smaller photos been included with the larger photos  in the same gallery they would have been distorted due to enlargement, because all photos in the gallery are set to display at the same size. 

Many thanks to Jim for sharing these great photos with the site. Do you remember arriving or departing Quan Loi on one or more of these aircraft?

Jim Higgins  Then  and  Now                                       
322nd Aviation Support Detachment
Nov 1969 to Mar 1970



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