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Quan Loi, Vietnam, first known by the army as LZ Andy, could be found approximately 60 miles north of Saigon and 10 miles from the Cambodian border near the town of An Loc, the provincial capitol of Binh Long Province. In 1966 it was established as the base camp for the 1st Infantry Division, and and was turned over to the 1st Cavalry Division and the 11th Armored Cavalry when the Big Red One left in 1969.

Quan Loi From the South EastOriginally a French rubber plantation dating to the early 1920's, Quan Loi was part of the aptly named Terre Rouge Rubber Plantation owned my the Michelin Rubber company.  Anyone who ever set a foot in Quan Loi will remember the terre rouge, or red dirt of Quan Loi. In the dry season it blew into every crevice and during the monsoon it stuck like cement.

Most of the original French plantation buildings, including a first class swimming pool, described by the French as the most beautifully constructed pool in Vietnam, a newer clubhouse, gardens and a regulation tennis court remained during the entire time Quan Loi was used as a base camp.  French plantation manager's and assistant's residences and a small worker village could be found among the rubber trees which surrounded the camp and airstrip. 
Photo Quan Loi Base Camp From NortheastA dirt airstrip was first constructed by the military on the golf course which ran the length of the camp.  the French plantation officials used this airstrip for their private plans.   Eventually the airstrip was later surfaced with asphalt as it became more strategically important.

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