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When the rainy season arrived at Quan Loi (May to September) the gun crews of Alpha Battery 6/27th Artillery found themselves wallowing in red mud.  The 8 inch howitzers and 175 mm guns would sink in the mud making it difficult to set up for a firing mission.  For this reason the Engineers of B Company 31st Eng Battalion, were called upon to build more permanent gun pad platforms in early 1969, using huge timbers which could handle the weight of the guns.  James Floyd was a member of Second Platoon, B Company, 31st Engineers, and he worked with his fellow soldiers building these new gun pads.  During work on the pads he had time to take some photos of the work areas as well as the guns of Alpha Battery.  The Cannon Kings of Alpha Battery gun crews appreciated the work put in by the B Company engineers.  Their hard work made life just a little more bearable on the guns.
Thanks for sharing your photos Floyd and thanks to you and your fellow Second Platoon members for the new gun pads!

James P. Floyd   Then  and  Now                                                                
B Co 31st Eng Bn,
Sept 68 to Oct 69



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