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Many units called Quan Loi "Home" over the Vietnam War years.  Although our website is centered on the 6/27th Artillery Vietnam - specifically Alpha Battery and all our 6/27th Artillery brother batteries - anyone who served at Quan Loi in one of those units is welcome to send their photos for inclusion. 

Many thanks to Joe Pollace who recently wrote:  "I was a school trained A/C Armament Specialist and certified Door Gunner. I flew all missions and maintained all weapons on gun ships and M60's.  I was with 195th Assault Helicopter Co. / Gun Platoon / Gun Ships / Thunder Chickens / Attached to CCS SOA SOG (Air Support based at Quan Loi)".
Thanks for sharing your photos of your Quan Loi-based unit, Joe! 

Joseph Pollace   Then  and  Now                                                                                                                                                                               
195th Assault Helicopter Co. - Attached to CCS SOA SOG
Jan 69 to Jan 70


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