WACR Radio Quan Loi Vietnam
The AFVN Radio Station of Quan Loi, Vietnam by the 11thACR
I'm not sure exactly when Quan Loi got its own radio station - maybe in the Spring of 1970.  Before this time, if you happen to have a radio at Quan Loi the only stations were Vietnamese.  WACR brought a piece of home to Quan Loi.

For whatever reasons, maybe my interest in history, I taped 3 hours of Radio Blackhorse on a reel to reel stereo tape deck in the EM Club.  If you just want to listen to a sample of a WACR broadcast I have tried to put together a small edited sample (8 minutes 47 seconds) out of those 3 hours of tape.
Tune In Now For an 8:47 Minute Sample  


Want to Listen to All of The Over 3 Plus Hours
 of WACR Radio from May 20, 1970?



By coincidence someone else stationed at Quan Loi recorded WACR Radio Blackhorse. In a recent email Brian Russ, who was a Cobra pilot, CW2, with Blue Max at Quan Loi ( C Btry 2/20 ARA) wrote: "We used the radio station, WACR, as our navigation point to get back to Quan Loi  during bad weather or at night.  We frequently did fire missions for the 11th ACR in Nam and Cambodia (May thru June 1970) as well as our 1st Cavalry missions.  The Quan Loi Kid was a great to listen to.  I hope he knows how valuable his shows were to us.  Also he might want to get together with the AFVN website where a lot of the radio guys go.   Cronauer and Pat Sajak were two of their announcers and AFVN had never heard of the Quan Loi Kid before I sent them the tapes.  I didn't even know his real name was Mark Kaplan."
Want to Listen to All of The 1 hour and 45 Minutes of
 Brian Russ' Recording from May 1, 1970?


Please Note:  Brian's recording is also available at https://archive.org/details/1970-1979RadioNews.
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