Evan McIntire's Quan Loi Images
Late 1968 to Early 1969

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Evan McIntire  Then  and  Now
1st Inf Div 1st Adm Co
Jan 67 to Mar 69

Evan McIntire wrote when he submitted his photos"There are a few pictures of the 1st Infantry Division APO where I worked and the tent behind it which was our living quarters. There is a picture of a long wooden building behind our tent which I think was the PX and also of another building which looks like it may be a chapel. The rest of the pictures are just random shots taken around the area. I'm pretty sure that the building is the PX but not positive as this was almost 40 years ago. I couldn't tell you the exact location in Quan Loi these were taken. I  was with the 1st Infantry Division, 1st Administration Company throughout my extended stay in Vietnam, most of it with the Postal Unit. I don't remember that much detail about the mail coming in but we processed both incoming and out going mail as well as manning the window for stamps etc. I do remember that all the mail came in big gray canvas bags so I'm sure we had to sort it out into different units. I do remember men coming in from the different units to pick up their unit's mail."

"I arrived in VN in January of 1967 and left for good in March of 1969. I extended for 6 months the first time because I was being assigned to Ft. Polk, LA which back then was called little VN state-side, plus I could pick my base for the extra 6 months extension, which was Saigon after coming back from my 30-day leave.  I extended another 6 months because I would only have 3 months left after that extension and the Army would discharge you early if you came back from VN with 3 or less month left on your hitch. After coming back from that 30 day leave I was transferred to Lai Khe then to Quan Loi. I've attached a 'Then' and a 'Now' photo of me. The first one was taken at DiAn which was where I was stationed in 1967 and was the 1st Infantry Division's HQ. The second one is me and the wife at my 60th last year."


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