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Alpha Battery & 6/27th Battalion History

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History of the 6/27th Artillery 1917-67

Ft Sill - Do You Remember?

The Ocean Journey of the 6/27th Artillery Equipment Sept 1965

6/27th Timeline in RVN

Alpha Battery 1965-1966

Alpha Battery Breaks Ground Quan Loi 1967

VC Raid on Quan Loi 11 July 1967

Building the Bunkers and Gun Pads at Quan Loi

Alpha Battery - Quan Loi 1967

Changing a 170mm Tube 1967

Quan Loi International Airport - Alpha Gets a New Gun - 1967

Alpha Battery - April 1968

Construction at HHB & Alpha Quan Loi 1968-69

Sgt Eddie Zak's 1968-69 Quan Loi Photos

1968 TET Results on 6/27th's Quan Loi Motor Pool

Alpha Battery Firing Btry Area Layout 1969-70

Alpha Battery Firing Area  Photo Gallery 1969-70

Alpha Battery Admin Area Photo Gallery 1969-70

 Remembering Alpha Battery - Quan Loi 1969-70

See Alpha Battery in Action - Quan Loi 1969

HHB at Quan Loi 1969

Around Quan Loi - 1969

Quan Loi - April 1969 The Day the Tube Exploded

May 12, 1969 Quan Loi

August 12-13, 1969 Quan Loi

November 17, 1969 - The Saga of the Quan Loi Queen

Deconstructing Defiance - April 1970

The Battle at Burkett, Choices Made

Mistakes and Transitions

After Quan Loi - 1970-71

Cambodian "Turkey Shoot" 1970

Alpha Battery 6/27th MRLS in Iraq

History of this Site

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