A Legacy of Honor

A History of the 6/27th Artillery
1917 to 1967
By SP4 Paul Frederick
15 June 1967
Phuoc Vinh, Republic of South Vietnam

On June 26, 2005 I received the following email from Fred Holbrook: “I have ‘A LEGACY OF HONOR 6TH BATTALION, 27TH ARTILLERY’, By SP4 Paul R. Frederick, 15 June 1967, Phuoc Vinh, Republic Of Vietnam given to me by my brother [Jerry Mike] who was in 'A' Battery - spending most of his time as ammo runner truck driver.”

In response to my email Fred wrote in part: “The publication is 58 typed pages ... written by SP4 Paul R. Frederick dated 15 June 1967, while on duty at Headquarters 6/27 ARTY, Phuoc Vinh, Vietnam. It is a history beginning in WWI and ends in 1967... Thought that the booklet might fill in the History page on your website. My brother Jerry Mike was with the battery from 1966-1967.”

After having emailed fifty-eight pages to me with a few of the usual expected snafus, Fred wrote on August 1, 2005: “I am glad to have saved the document, Legacy Of Honor. I have looked for the 6/27th ARTY on the Internet for years. My brother was assigned to Ft. Carson, Colorado to finish out his two years active duty time. He was in a company that was training and drilling to go and serve in Viet. Nam and they did not need an experienced person and were indifferent to his memories of Lessons Learned. He left the battery with a swagger stick and a bong.”
We owe a debt of gratitude to Fred and Jerry Mike Holbrook for providing a copy of "A Legacy of Honor for publication on the site.  Many thanks, guys!  If anyone knows of the whereabouts of the the author of the Legacy, Paul R. Frederick, please contact me

Note:  The originals of each page of the history were tattooed with that classic Quan Loi orange dirt and printed on yellow paper or at least paper that yellowed from the 30 plus years.  The PDF pages have been cleaned up and the paper “whitened as much as possible in the event that you want to print copies of this history.  Anyone desiring copies of the original orange tinted pages should download the original jpeg pages.

August, 2005

John Wavra
Webmaster, www.quanloi.org

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