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Did you know that Alpha Battery and the 6/27th FA continues to fight the battle today?  Maybe you thought once the 6/27th returned to the States in November 1971 from Vietnam and was inactivated at Fort Lewis, Washington that was the end.  If you thought that, you'd be wrong.  How could the Army do without one of its best fighting units?

"6th Bn, 27th FA was activated as the Army's first Multiple Launch Rocket System battalion on 1 Oct 1984. Today known as the "Proud Rockets", the battalion carries on its' tradition of excellence. In March of 1990, the unit deployed to White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico to conduct the Initial Operational Test and Evaluation of the Army Tactical Missile System. The success of the test provided the Army with a highly accurate, long range fire support asset.

On 2 Sep 1990, the 6th Bn, 27th FA deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Shield. Assigned to the XVIII Airborne Corps Artillery, the unit played a critical role in the early defense of Saudi Arabia. As Desert Shield turned into Desert Storm, the battalion was the first U.S. Field Artillery unit to fire into Kuwait. Over the course of the war, the battalion provided timely and accurate rocket and missile fires for both U.S. corps in the theater, the 82d ABN DIV, the 6th French Light Armored Division,. 1st AD, 1st ID, the 101st ABN DIV, and the 24th ID (Mech).

On 6 Apr 2003, 6th Bn, 27th FA deployed to Kuwait, while attached to the 4th Infantry Division, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Once in theater, the battalion became attached to the 17th Field Artillery Brigade “Thunderbolts” in support of Task Force Bullet II at LSA Anaconda, Iraq.  The battalion successfully transported thousands of tons of Captured Enemy Ammunition, conducted cordon and search operations, and provided numerous convoy security teams.

Today, the battalion proudly serves at Fort Sill, Oklahoma as part of the IIId Armored Corps Artillery, “Phantom Thunder” and 75th Field Artillery Brigade, “Tough as Diamonds”.
(Excerpt taken from the 6/27th FA Website - History Section -

Two recent members of today's ABtry 6/27th FA (MLRS), Sgt Josh Hutchison, AKA "Sgt Hutch" and WO1 Robert Green, AKA "Shoulders" (once SSgt Green) are proud of their service in Kuwait and Iraq with the 6/27th FA.  Rob Green wrote:  "I recently did a tour in Iraq with A Btry, 6th BN 27 FA.  We went in originally as GS artillery for 41D.  The unit, if you don't know this, is part of the 75th FA BDE at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  It is now an MLRS Battalion which is by far the most lethal Fire Support system in today's Army." 

Josh Hutchison wrote:  "I had found your site, checked it out, loved it, and subsequently forwarded it to Rob [Green].  He and I both think it is outstanding to have an A BTRY 6-27 site...By the way, great pics of the FDC bunker in Vietnam, under my watch...I was an FDC chief for Alpha from fall 2000 through December 2003...FDC was a bunch rowdy, relentlessly professional knuckle draggers, and we set the BN standard (we really did)! The BN as a whole these days is quite proud of our lineage and it was guys like you that shaped our history."

Rob sent several of Josh's photos of ABtry from April - June 2003.  Both have promised a narrative their experiences with ABtry and more photos, but they have been very busy of late.  In fact, Rob recently left these comments in the Site Guestbook:  "I contacted you about being with 6/27 in Operation Iraqi Freedom I.  I just wanted to tell you I haven't forgotten.  I recently returned from JRTC only to leave again for somewhere else.  Now I am in AL. Anyway, I still want to get this info to you but currently I am running low on time and I am in fact about to go back to Iraq. I will still do my best to get you that data and more info as to our mission and what we did." 

No pressure from us, Josh and Rob, we know you have more pressing business, although we will be happy to receive more information and photos when you can find the time to send them.  Thanks for serving your Country and upholding the proud spirit of the 6/27th.  Conjuncti Stamos

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