A Battery Breaks Ground at Quan Loi - January 1967

"When I first arrived in Vietnam - May 4th, [1966], 'A" Battery was right next door to us on the edge of the Bien Hoa Air Base.  Sometime around the end of June 1966 we built a new base camp and moved to Long Binh.  We helped move 'A' Battery to Bear Cat.  If my memory serves me correctly it was about 25 miles east of Highway 1A.  After we arrived there and unloaded all of the trucks an RPG round landed near me.  Fortunately, it landed in a ditch.  Needless to say, it scared the crap out of me."

"Sometime later, Service Battery helped 'A' Battery move again, I think it was in January 1967.   This time it was to a place called An Loc.  [Quan Loi, actually] about 10 miles from the Cambodian border.  That was one of the scarier convoys."

"In May 1967 some of our guys from Service Battery were up there delivering ammo and the VC tried to overrun the base camp.  'A' Battery was even shooting direct fire with 175's at the VC.  They killed over 40 VC and only one GI was hurt."

Larry Kantroski, December 2002 
Service Battery 6/27th Arty May 66 to August 67.]  
Many thanks, Larry, for your recollections and photos!

Larry stands in front of an 8" Gun at Quan Loi, January 1967. (Note: Piles of dirt in preparation for gun pads) LKantroski Photo
A Battery Firing Area Quan Loi - "Virgin Ground" - January 1967  LKantroski Photo
Frenchman's House, Pool in Foreground, Quan Loi, January 196. "When we moved 'A' battery to Quan Loi none of us could believe that in the middle of nowhere was this beautiful mansion with a swimming pool."  LKantroski Photo
VTR's loading up a track from an 8" at Service Battery, Long Binh, January 1967  LKantroski Photo


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