History Timeline
6/27th Artillery Vietnam

August 23, 1962 - Activated at Ft. Chafee, Arkansas
Moves to Ft. Bliss, Texas where it trains.
September 1965 is deployed to the Republic of South Vietnam.  Leaves Oakland for Vietnam on the USNS William Gordon on a 33 day crossing.  Equipment and guns leaves Beuamont, TX on another ship, the USNS Dick Lykes.  The troops land at Vung Tau, Vietnam on November 3, 1965 and are flown to a staging area site near Saigon University for two weeks to be joined with their equipment and to settle in country.
From the Staging Area in Saigon the 6/27th Artillery becomes a part of the 23rd Artillery Group and moves to Ben Cat near the 173rd Airborne HQ, where they practiced firing support missions and got organized as batteries. 

Around November 20, 1965, Headquarters, Charlie and Bravo Batteries moved in an equipment convoy, escorted by the 1st Squadron, 4th US Cavalry and elements of the 1st Engineer Battalion, to Phouc Vinh. The troops, however, boarded C-130's and flew there while the equipment moved in convoy.  Alpha remained to fire in support of the 173rd Airborne.
June, 1966 Alpha Battery moves north to Bear Cat
September 1966 Bravo Battery convoys from Phouc Vinh to the docks in Saigon where it boards ships and sails north to the U.S. Marine Base at Dong Ha in I Corps.
October 20 ,1966 Bravo Battery convoys to Camp JJ Carroll located near the DMZ where it becomes the first Army combat unit in Marine controlled I Corps. Here it is the first U.S. Artillery Unit to fire into North Vietnam.  It is attached to the 2/94th Artillery as Delta Battery from 20 October 1966 to 13 September 1967 and is here it does battle with the NVA at Gio Linh as part of the 2/94th Artillery.  OUTSTANDING!
January, 1967 Alpha Battery moves north again to LZ Andy, better known as Quan Loi in the middle of the French Rubber Planation near the Provincial Capital of An Loc.  Service Battery soon moves to Plantation Base Camp nearby while Charlie and eventually after Bravo returns shoot fire missions for Phouc Vinh.
Headquarters Battery moves from Phouc Vinh to join Alpha Battery at Quan Loi where it is more strategically located from the firing batteries.
January 19, 1969, Gun Section 4 of Alpha Battery fires the 6/27th Battalion's 300,000th round.
From February 1, 1969 to August, 1969 the Battalion fires 87,233 rounds in a total of 26,355 fire missions without a single artillery incident.
May 12, 1969 Quan Loi is attached by a large NVA force.
August 12-13, 1969 Quan Loi and Alpha/HHB are attacked a NVA and the 9th Viet Cong Division.  The enemy breeches the wire, but is quickly repulsed and suffers large casualies
October 21, 1969 the 6/27th Artillery becomes a part of II Field Forces Vietnam.  By this time Charlie Battery has moved to
Song Be and Bravo remains at Phouc Vinh.
March, 1970 Headquarters Battery moves to Pho Loi from Quan Loi.  Alpha Battery readjusts to take over their facilities.
April - May, 1970 Alpha Battery is posted to Loc Ninh, (FSB Wade)  and other Fire Support Bases in support of the operations of the 1st Cavalry and the 11thACR in Cambodia.
October 18, 1970 Alpha Battery is posted to Bu Dop (FSB Gloria) in support of ARVN and RF/PF operations in Vietnam and Cambodia
April, 1971 the Battalion is re-attached to the 23rd Artillery Group from II Field Forces Artillery.
November 1971 the 6/27th Artillery leaves Vietnam
November 22, 1971 the 6/27th Artillery is deactivated at Ft. Lewis, Washington **
** See Here for the reactivation of the 6/27th Artillery in 1984 as a Multiple Launch Rocket Battalion which later served in Iraq in 2003.


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