Sgt. Eddie "Zak's" Photo Gallerys

Sgt Eddie "Zak" Zakrzewski
Quan Loi 1968

Hi,  My name is Edmund "Eddie Zak" Zakrzewski.  I served with HHB 6/27th Artillery from November 1967 to July 1969.  I joined the 6/27th in Phouc Vinh and moved to Quan Loi in early 1968.  Some of you may remember me as Sgt "Zak" from the Motor Pool.

I would like to share with you some  of my photos that I saved these thirty-seven years.  If you recognize any of the unidentified soldiers in any of these photos please notify the site webmaster.

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Old HHB Motor Pool - 1968

 New HHB Motor Pool Late 1968-69

 6/27th Quan Loi Areas - 1968-69

 Misc. Quan Loi Photos - 1968-69

 Convoy Photos on Hwy 13 - 1968-69



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