Rod Petras

See:  HHB Photos March 68 to May 69
























Gene Long

See:  Gene Long's Vietnam Photos 1965 to 1966
          Two Photos in Photo Gallery 11 - 6/27th Artillery Goes   to Vietnam




























Wesley Jefferies

See:  The Ocean Journey of the 6/27th Artillery Equipment September 1965























Karl SherckKarl Sherck

See:  Alpha Battery Photos 1967-68
         Charlie Battery Photos 1967

























Charles "Duke" Holden

See:  Charlie Battery Photos 1970-71





















Gary Graham
July 28, 1946 to September 18, 2019  





The Surprise in the Care Package
The Sapper
Girls!, Girls! Girls!
The Streaker(s)
The Decision
Colorful Language
An Incident While on R&R
May 12th, 1969
Hello Mom
Convoying on Thunder III
Electrical Problems
Stay Away From Loud Noises
When You Go to Sleep
Traveling In-Country Unattached
Late Chow
My Journey Back to the World - Part 1 of 5
My Journey Back to the World - Siten Bitchers Lounge
My Journey Back to the World - Freedom Bird
My Journey Back to the World - Look At All Those Bright Lights
My Journey Back to the World - And He's Buying
Turkey - A Story of Christmas in Vietnam
North Star Five Niner, Over
The Numbers System

























Michael Chalifoux

See:  Michael Chalivoux's Quan Loi Vietnam Videos - 1966-67






















Adin Tooker

See:  Summary of Tour of Duty Vietnam September 1966 to September of 1967

























Steve Simpson -  October 1946 to February 1995

See:  Steve Simpson's Vietnam Photos 1968 to 1969




















Jim HoytJim Hoyt

See: Jim Hoyt's Vietnam - Bravo Battery






















Ralph Porter



The Expendable Gun

Malaria Pills
Deconstructing Defiance
The Battle at Burkett, Choices Made
Mistakes and Transitions
Finally Flying
Ralph Porter's Photos






















Glen Russell

See:  Glen Russell's Vietnam Tour Photos - 1969-70






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