Ralph Porter's Photos

Part 1 - Quan Loi and Alpha Battery 
Part 2 - Move to the Fire Support Bases
Part 3 - Fire Support Bases
Part 4 - Miscellaneous Photos
Ralph Porter "Then" Spring 1970 
Ralph Porter arrived in-country on 15 Dec. 1969 and took some fire direction training.  He was assigned to Alpha Battery 6/27th Artillery and arrived at Quan Loi about the first of the year. He served in Alpha Battery as Fire Direction Officer until late May 1970 and was reassigned to Bravo Battery in Song Be where he served in various jobs until September 1970 when he went back into the FDC as FDO until Dec,1970. He took 30 days leave and returned in Jun 1971 to June serving as Battalion AO and acting S-2, which was his primary job.  Ralph Today 

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