The Streaker(s)

I was listening to "oldies" radio one day when the Ray Stevens tune "The Streak" (Lyrics or MP3) was played.   This reminded me of an event that occurred in January, 1970 at Quan Loi.

It was five days before my "DEROS".  I had waited until about 1500 to take a shower.  The reason being the sun had time to warm the water in the tank after it was filled in the morning.

I headed for the shower with my towel, washcloth, soap and thong sandals for my feet.  Some other Battery members were already in the shower and enjoying the water, which was very warm that day.  Then it happened; BAM!!!, BAM!!!, BAM!!!. "INCOMING!", someone yelled.  I hit the floor. BAM!!!, BAM!!!, BAM!!!, more incoming.  This time I heard shrapnel hitting the PSP on the side of the shower.  CLOSE! I thought to myself, "I had better get the Hell out of here!"  But where?  The closest bunker was Section Number Three Personnel Bunker about 30 meters away, OKAY.

Someone yelled, "Letís go".  Everyone in the shower had the same idea - we grabbed our towels and headed for the personnel bunker.  Away we went, all of us running as fast as we could in our thong sandals and wearing nothing but our birthday suits.

By the time our "footrace" had begun, the gun crews had begun to fire "counter mortar/counter rocket" targets.  I realized that I could hear much laughter (more like GUFFAWS).  I had never heard laughing during "incoming" before.  Someone recognized me and yelled, "Hey Graham, you're out of uniform."  Finally after what seemed at least a half hour of running, our group reached the personnel bunker.  We then realized why all the laughter.  We must have been a sight to behold.

We waited until the "All Clear" sounded; then climbed out of the bunker.  By this time I had put my towel around my waist As I was leaving the bunker, I said to myself, "I hope lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place."  I finished my shower and got dressed, none the worse for wear.

I guess the "bottom line" is:  When it was necessary to "streak" at Quan Loi; you "streaked".

Gary Graham  Then and Now



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