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I first received an email from Gene Long on April 29, 2003 in which he wrote "My name is Gene Long and I was checking the net for my old unit as I am a Viet Nam Veteran, when I ran across your web site. I was in the 6th Bn. 27th Arty. from Sept. 65 to March 66 and was one of the original soldiers that moved with the battalion from Ft. Bliss Texas to Phouc Vinh Viet Nam. My gun section sergeant was sergeant Hass. I really don't remember a whole lot about that time in my life as it has been too many years. I also have pictures I can share of this time period. Send me some info back.

Within a couple of months Gene sent me three photos which were used in Don Graham's "Alpha Battery 1965 - 1966 - the 6/27th Artillery Goes to Vietnam" with promises of many more photos to come.  Through the following years Gene would send a few photos every few months with his apologies that life's demands had prevent him from scanning more of his slides and sending them.  After I had received a new batch of photos I would write and ask Gene "if that was it, and should I proceed to put the photos on the website?"  Each time Gene would respond "Not yet, I will try to send some more, very soon, I have several on my hard drive left, I just need to doctor some of them up." 

And so it went for seven years.   Well, recently Gene came through with a large batch of photos and agreed that, "Yes, perhaps it was time to get all of the photos he had sent up on the website".  It was worth the wait!  Gene's photos are a fine addition to the website with pictures onboard the troop ship, USNS W. S. Gordon, including photos of the stop at Okinawa on route and first sightings of the Vietnam Coast. 

Thank you, Gene, for sharing your photos with us.  They were worth the wait!  J.Wavra, Webmaster


Note #1 - See "A Legacy of Honor - A History of the 6/27th Artillery 1917 to 1967" p17

Note #2 - See "A Legacy of Honor - A History of the 6/27th Artillery 1917 to 1967" p16

Note # 3 - Although "A Legacy of Honor" gives the name of the ship as the USNS W. S. Gordon - The correct name is the USNS W. H. Gordon

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