Jim Hoyt's Vietnam

Bravo Battery 6/27th Artillery

May 1968 to Feb 1969

My time in Vietnam was from May 1968 to February 1969 at which time I ETS'ed out of the Army after returning to the United States, 72 hours from Song Be to my front door in N.H. My main duty at Bravo 627th Artillery was to keep the guns running at all cost. This was pretty ironic because I'd never seen an 8" howitzer or a 175 mm gun until I got to Song Be! Thanks to Dave Zimmer who took me under his wing and showed me the mechanics of the guns. Dave and I and the rest of the motor pool guys got the job done. My other duty I guess was a special weapons specialist. That's a story in itself!  My entire time in VN was with Bravo, except for a week of TDY in Korea.

I admit, I floundered around for a couple of years after returning to the World. I hitchhiked across country two times and back to N.H. I met my wife in 1971 we were married the same year. I'm pleased to say, she is still with me today!

In 1973, about three months before my first born was to be born, I finally figured out I had to get my act together. I went to school under the G.I. bill to become a machinist. I ended up working in a tool and die shop for about 30 years. After that many years I got a little burnt out on the whole machining thing. The kids were gone and doing well so I drove school bus for a couple of years and then I delivered lumber for a couple of more years.

At age 65 roof shingles and hand unloading lumber was getting a little hard on the body, so I retired. I've been retired for 3 years now and I love it!!
Jim Hoyt       Then  &   Now
Bravo Btry 6/27th Artillery
May 68 to Feb 69


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