Karl Sherck's Alpha Battery & Quan Loi Photos


I was drafted into the U.S. Army in December 1966.  I eventually ended up in Vietnam assigned first to Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery from May 14, 1967 to July 22, 1967.

I was transferred to Alpha Battery on July 23, 1967 at Quan Loi and remained there the remainder of my tour of duty in Vietnam.  While with Alpha I was assigned to #2 Gun Section until I started driving a mess hall truck to An Loc in November 1967.  I continued as a driver until January 1968 when I returned to #2 Gun Section.  I went to Australia on my R & R in January 1968.  I left Vietnam on April 26, 1968.

I now live in Amherst, Ohio with my wife, happily married for 43 years. I worked at US Steel in Lorain, Ohio for 33 years. I retired in 2001. My hobby is old cars. I have a 1936 Chevy 2 door sedan, and a 1929 Ford truck.
Karl Sherck    Then   and   Now
Charlie Btry & Alpha Btry 6/27th Artillery
May 67 to April 68


Alpha Btry 1967 Quan Loi French Swimming Pool Kids at Christmas 67 Quan Loi
Alpha Battery
French Swimming
Pool Quan Loi
Vietnamese Kids
 at Quan Loi
 Christmas 1967
A Special Photo For Karl
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