Photos 1968 to 1969

1968 Tet Offensive on Alpha Btry Motor Pool Quan Loi - Photos by Howard Barbee

Alpha Battery Quan Loi Photos 1968 - Photos by Major Tom Sheehy

Alpha Battery Quan Loi 1968 - Photos by Howard Barbee

Alpha Battery Quan Loi April 1968 - Photos by Gene Mikovilje

HHB Photos - March 68 to May 69 - Photos by Rob "Pete" Petras

Construction at Quan Loi at Alpha Battery - Quan Loi Main Page  

        FDC/Admin Personnel Bunker 1968 - Photos by Howard Barbee

        HHB/Commo Personnel Bunker 1969 - Photos by Larry Hutchison

        Mess Hall Sidewalk Construction 1969 - Photos by Roger Mallory

Alpha Battery Motor Pool and Quan Loi Area - Photos by Eddie "Zak" Zakrzewski

VN Views by A Service Battery 6/27th Arty Ammo Hauler 68-69 - Photos by Lawrence Korteum

The Day the Gun Exploded 1969 - Story and Photos by Mario Williams & Others

The Mystery of the 35mm Slides - Story by John Wavra with Photos by Larry Jameson and Others

Vietnam Images - 1969 - Photos by Chuck Clarke

Quan Loi Images 1968-1969 - Photos by Evan McIntire

Ralph Roberts Quan Loi Video - 1969 - Video by Ralph Roberts

Quan Loi - 1968 - Photos by Roy Maldonado

Bill Wynne's F Battery 16th Artillery Vietnam Photos 1968 to 1969 - Photos by Bill Wynne

James P. Floyd's Building New Gun Pads & Other Quan Loi Photos 1968-69 - Photos by James P. Floyd

Jim Fillerup's HHB 6/27th Arty & Quan Loi Photos 1968-69 - Photos by Jim Fillerup

Steve Simpson's Vietnam Photos 1968-1969 - Photos by Steve Simpson

Jim Hoyt's Vietnam - Bravo Battery 1968-1969


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