Ron Pinkman's Vietnam Photos

1968 to 1969  Quan Loi, Vietnam
A Btry 6/27th Artillery


Ron Pinkman served with the 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam as a cannoneer.  During his time with Alpha Battery at Quan Loi, Vietnam he purchased a camera from the small QL Post Exchange and he took photos of all that interested him.

When Ron attended his first 6/27th Reunion in August 2022 he mentioned he had almost 100 photos, but they were not in the best of condition.  The problem was, the pages to his photo albums were glued under clear plastic and they were unscanable.  He only had the 2 x 2 inch bonus photos that once came from the developer and even these were in pretty bad shape after so many years.  Ron agreed to send them anyway.  Here is a scanned page of those 2x2 photos to give you an idea of their condition.

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The process of scanning and editing Ron's 2x2 photos was begun and the results have now been posted in four photo galleys for your perusal.  Due to the original size of the photos the resizing was kept to a minimum in order to provide the best possible photos.  Some of the photos are better than others due to the conditions in which they were original snapped and the condition as they now exist.  Here they are for you to enjoy for a trip back to Quan Loi.
The Pool The Guns QL & Around Soldiers
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Thank you, Ron for sharing your photos with us!
Ronald Pinkman
A Btry 6/27th Artillery
Feb 68 to Feb 69
Then  and  Now

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