John McCaw

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Howard Barbee

Alpha Battery Construction - 1968
Alpha Battery Quan Loi Photos - 1968
TET Results on Alpha Battery - 1968




















Bill Posey

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Tom Atkins

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Ken Prorok

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Arvin Battersby

See:  Scared, and Bunker 8 in HHB





















Henry Parker

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Al Martin

Frenchmen's Pool Photo

Frenchman's House
One" 1st Bn, 2nd Reg., 1st Inf. Div. Headquarters Area Quan Loi, 1968
Big Red One - Quan Loi 1968
More Frenchmen's Pool Photos






















Joesph Pollace

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Larry Kantroski

Frenchmen's Club House Photo

Alpha Battery Breaks Ground at Quan Loi - 1967
Quan Loi French Plantation Property
Vietnam Memories







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