Building the FDC/Admin Personnel Bunker at Quan Loi - 1968

Howard Barbee, FDC Section Chief in 1968 [Photo #1] writes:  "The FDC below ground hootch was built in '68. [See Note Below] Here we see [Photo #2 and #3] the ground work starting.  Prior to this, our living quarters was the tent in the Admin Area.  Our new below ground hootch was adjacent to the tent."   

"You can see our tent hootch in the background [Photo #3) along with the other admin. area facilities.  Upon completion, our lockers were still kept in the tent, while our bunks and foot lockers were moved to the new bunker.  Since we had already periodically experienced incoming rounds, including the TET offensive, this was a welcome improvement."   

"Oops.  Didn't forget to mention the names of those in the photo, cause I am embarrassed I don't remember their names.  We served together and I am ASHAMED I can't recall their names."   [Editor Note:  If you can identify vets in the photos please send an email to address below.]

"In Photo #4 FDCers saw the wooden beams that will be used as support for our new hootch while in Photo #5  Boy San Montangards sit on the wooden beams helping us supervise the construction process.  The shirtless soldiers are fellow FDCers but again I don't recall their names. In Photo #6 FDCers attaching tar paper to the side boards."

John Wavra writes:  "When I arrived at Alpha in Quan Loi in late May 1969 the FDC crew had recently moved into their own underground personnel bunker near the FDC in the Firing Battery Area leaving this beautiful bunker [Photo #7] for the Administration Section to share.  Until I received Howard's photos a few months ago I never gave it a thought as to who had built it.  Guess I thought some engineering group had built it.   Great job FDCers!  It was a fine bunker and we regretted leaving it.  Like all personnel bunkers it was infested with rats and roaches for a time, but we were able to rid ourselves of them completely after my brother Dennis was good enough to send me some rat poison.  To our delight the roaches liked it as much as the rats .  The only other problem we had with it was the tendency of the tin roof to lift out of place when a chopper flew to low over and until that happened the first time the bunker never leaked a drop during the rains."

"In March 1970 we moved into the personnel bunkers, TOC and EM Club recently vacated by Headquarters Battery to the south of the Firing Battery after they relocated to Phu Loi.  Guess the thought was it did not make sense we were so far away from the firing battery when all the HHB bunkers were empty.  Maybe so, but it sure was nice while it lasted.  Photos #8-10 show the old Admin Area in October 1969."


Note:  It should be made clear that the actual construction of the FDC/Admin Bunker was planned, controlled and performed by whichever Engineering Battalion responsible for such duties in the Quan Loi Area.  If you were a member of that Engineering Unit or know which unit it was, please send the information to the webmaster at the address below.


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