I was with the A Co. 1/18th Inf, 1st. Inf. Div. from Oct. '66 to Oct. '67. Our unit spent a lot of time  It was a place that we would come back to from the field to try to get a little rest. We would also do a lot of patrols down into the valley and up the hill into the rubber plantation while we were there. I remember your unit well and remember talking to a couple of your guys while passing by out to patrol. Your guns supported us out in the field on occasion. I remember one night specifically. I want to thank you all for your support. I recently had my slides put onto a DVD and have quite a few shots of Quan Loi and some of your 8 inch and 175 guns, as well as some shots of the pool. We were able to use the pool on two occasions that I can recall.
John McCaw   Then  and  Now                
1/18th Inf, 1st. Inf. Div.
Oct. 1966 to Oct. 1967


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