Norm Wolfinger  1945 - 2016

See:  May 12, 1969 Video
          Cannon King Chosen 2007 Disabled Veteran of the Year






















Doc David Hastings

See:  Doc Hastings Remembers
Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery  August 1966 to June 1967

Additional Memories of Charlie Battery 1967-68























Scott Krueger
Santa Bou

Return to Loc Ninh and FSB Wade
Cambodian Turkey Shoot 
Honorable Mention Photos
Vietnam Today

Finding Quan Loi
Quan Loi Panorama 2004























David Peart

See:  Photos of Vietnam






















  Jim Fillerup

See:  Jim Fillerup's Quan Loi Photo/Video 1968-69























  Les Morris

See:  Les Morris' 1st Cav MET Section & Quan Loi Photos

























Ken Wright 1949 to 2015

Ken Wright's Vietnam Video
A Meeting With A Mine
As Everyone Knows...
Ken Wright's Obituary























Leonard Mulholland

See:  Alpha Battery - Lai Khe to Quan Loi - 1966 -1967
























Larry Hutchison

See:  HHB Quan Loi Gallery
         Building HHB Commo Personnel Bunker
         Alpha Battery Photos
         Quan Loi French Plantation Property
         May 12, 1969
         Vietnam Memories






















Jim Hynes


How I Arrived in Quan Loi and a Special Thanks
6/27th Artillery Yearbook - 1969-70
How This Site Got Started




















Mary Parins

See:  2008 Branson Reunion Dinner Video




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