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These are a few photos of the 1st Cavalry MET Section (Artillery Ballistic Meteorology Unit of the 1st Air Cavalry Division). We were attached to 2nd Field Forces and supported ABrty 6/27th Arty. We were  co-located with 406th Maintancenorth of Alpha Battery. I was there from May 1969  to April 1970.  [Note:  Les served with David Bedard  in the MET Section, who has written "I Remember Quan Loi".]

I was on duty at the Met Section the night of August 12, 1969.  I remember taking up a position at the back entrance that looked out on Alpha Btry watching the RPG's fly between my position and Alpha Btry. That was a night I will never forget. Choppers (Hueys and Cobras) were like bees at a hive. Glad they and the dusters were there. I'd like to thank all those fly-boys and the 11th ACR or whoever drove the dusters for getting us through the night. My first wedding anniversary was August 17th and my wife read about the attack and tells me she did not know if she would be celebrating or grieving. She sure was glad to get my next letter. I sure felt sorry for the family's of the guys we lost that night.

I try to remember the good times I had and the GREAT guy's I served with.   Les Morris


Les Morris    Then and  Now                                                                 
1st Cavalry Met Section
May 1969 to April 1970.


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