Kenneth Lee Wright

1949 to July 27, 2015

Photo Ken Wright 2008 Branson, MO

Photo 2008 - Branson, MO Reunion


Ken Wright was a friend and valued comrade of the Charlie Battery members who served with him.  He became a friend of this website in 2007 when he contributed his video taken while in Vietnam and two wonderful stories.

In 2008 he attended the 6/27th VN Reunion in Branson, Mo and easily made friends with a number of Cannon Kings in attendance.

We will miss you Ken

Rest in Peace  Comrade, Brother-in-Arms and valued Friend

Click Here to read Ken's Obituary
Published in the Houston Chronicle

Click Here to View Ken's Video and Read His Stories


Charlie Battery Reunion 2007


6/27th Artillery Vietnam Reunion 2008


Charlie Battery Reunion 2012



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