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Welcome! Come back with us to a place called Quan Loi.   The year might be 1967, 1968, 1969, or 1970.  If you were there then, come with us now on a trip back into your past. If you were never there, let us show you what it was like so you can be glad you were never there. Let us show you the red dirt of Quan Loi.  Let us give you a glimpse of the place called Quan Loi and the men of the 6/27th Artillery. 

We were the “Cannon Kings”, "A" Battery 6th Battalion, 27th Field Artillery.  Twenty-third Artillery Group, II Field Forces, U.S. Army. For almost 4 years our two 8inch and two 175mm guns were located on the Northwest side of Quan Loi Base Camp and Airfield.  First known as LZ Andy, Quan Loi could be found approximately 60 miles north of Saigon near the town of An Loc, the provincial capitol of Binh Long province. Our big guns were near enough so that the border areas of Cambodia were in firing range. 

Originally a French rubber plantation, some of the French buildings, including a 1st class swimming pool, and most of the rubber trees were still there surrounding the place.  It was war in a dirty (red dirt), but  yet a strange and beautiful place.  We fired support for only the best Grunts:  The Big Red One, the 1st Cavalry and the 11th Armored Cavalry and whoever else might need some serious help.  In early 1970 two of our 8 inch guns were ordered to follow the 1140 Bravos towards Cambodia and soon the other two 175mm guns joined them - never to return.  They “visited” places like FSB Ft. Defiance, FSB Burkett, as well as others and then moved to Loc Ninh and Bu Dop and finally, in the fall of 1971, were sent back to the States .   

We hope you enjoy your visit to Quan Loi and will drop by regularly as the site is a work in progress.  We welcome your suggestions, corrections, photos and contribution.  Explore the site on your own by using the navigation links at the top or bottom or take the "FNG" Tour by choosing the link below.

John Wavra,   Former Battery Clerk,   May 69 to Jun 70



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