"Hi, Reed McDonald here - at least the Reed McDonald from way back in 1969 when this photo was taken. I've changed a little over 45 plus years just as you will - or have.

This photo shows me sitting out front of the Fire Direction Control Bunker at Alpha Battery, 6/27th Artillery in Quan Loi, Vietnam on a nice sunny morning.  FDC was the central core of the Firing Battery.  It was the place where we received the firing missions and figured out where to point the guns.  The mystery of how high to raise the gun, which direction to point it and what charge to use was our job.

While all of the guns were in Quan Loi in late 1969, I was the senior enlisted soldier in FDC, so the duty fell on me.

I'd like to take you on a short tour of the FDC Bunker.  If you're interested click here:  Fire  If not, then see you around."



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