HHB & Alpha Battery 6/27th Artillery Mess Hall - Quan Loi, Vietnam

You are looking at the Enlisted Men's entrance to the HHB & A Battery 6/27th Artillery Dining Hall which was located to the west of the firing battery.  Looking back, it is easy to realize how lucky we were to have had our own mess hall even though most of us did not appreciate it when we were in Quan Loi.

In attempt to continue to bring historical content to this page, and after much searching and quite a little luck, a long-lost movie of our Quan Loi Mess Hall was located and secured from the U.S. Army Documentary Films Group.  The quality is not that good but worth a look anyway. For those of you with dial-up connections it will take you a while to download this film but you will be rewarded for the time it takes.




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Remember Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners in the HHB/A Battery Mess Hall?They even gave us special menus.  It was surreal wasn't it?  Click on the buttons below to relive that memory:
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