Photos 1965 to 1967

1965-66  Ft. Bliss, Texas - Photos by Maurice McRoberts

1965-66 Shipping to Vietnam - Photos by Don Graham

Memory of Shipping to Vietnam - Photos by Ron Altier

Gene Long's Vietnam Photos 1965 to 1966 - Photos by Gene Long

John Anderson's VN  Photos 1965-66 - Photos and Narrative by John Anderson

John Girardeau's Vietnam Photos 1965-66 - Photos by John Girardeau

Adrian Gravelle's Vietnam - 1965-66 - Photos by Adrian Gravelle

Dale Martin's Vietnam Photos 1965-66 - Photos by Dale Martin

Cliff Nehring's Bravo Battery Photos 1965-66 - Photos by Cliff Nehring

The Ocean Journey of the 6/27th Artillery Equipment - Photos & Audio by Wesley Jefferies

Tour of Duty - Vietnam - 1966-67 - Photos and Narrative by Adin Tooker

"Lai Khe to Quan Loi - 1966 - 1967" -  Photos by Leonard Mulholland

"Doc Hastings Remembers"  Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery  August 1966 to June 1967


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