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Cliff Nehring's Bravo Btry Photos 1965-66

Cliff Nehring PhotoIn 1963 at the age of 17 years, three months, Cliff Nehring enlisted in the U.S. Army.  Cliff did his basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and his advanced at Ft Sill, OK where he trained on a 105 howitzers.  While there he also received training on all types of army vehicles.

He did a tour of duty in Korea and when he returned in 1964 he was assigned to Ft. Bliss, TX where he was placed in one of the first heavy artillery units which were soon Vietnam bound.  Cliff traveled “in style” aboard the USNS Gordon where his bunk was one of five bunks stacked to the ceiling.  The trip took 30 days and he and his fellow soldiers were glad to get off the ship and unto land, even though it was Vietnam.

In his six months in Vietnam, (Yes, they did send you to Vietnam if you had six months left of your enlistment), he was able to shoot few voyage over and of the first staging area on the grounds of Saigon University as well as Phouc Vinh.

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"Present at the End" - Photos of Bravo & Charlie Battery's and the Stand Down
Roger Garner had the "pleasure" to serve in two 6/27th Batteries - Bravo and Charlie - in 1971. His photo collection brings us snaps of FSB Wade, Snuffy, Haymaker and a number of FSBs whose names he does not recall. Roger was present at the end of the 6/27th Battalion's time in Vietnam when they stood down at Phu Loi in late October 1971. Click here to view his photo collection and read his memory of his tour.

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Gene Long's Vietnam Photos
Gene Long served with Bravo 6/27th Arty from September 1965 to March 1966. He shipped over with the 6/27th Artillery on the USNS W. H. Gordon. Gene sent his first photos to the website in 2003 with promises of more to come. Every few months I would receive a few in a batch of emails with promises of still more to come and the request that I should wait until they all arrived before putting them on the website. Well, they are finally all here and ready for you to view. There's over 85 great shots of the crossing, of Phouc Vinh, of Vung Tau on a 3-day in-country R&R as well as of a regular R&R in Sidney, Australia and of a 2-day pass in Saigon. Many thanks for sharing your photos with the site, Gene. It was worth the wait! 
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Jim Hoyt's Vietnam Photos
Jim HoytJim Hoyt served with Bravo Battery at Song Be from May 1968 to Feb 1969.  Like many of us, he purchased a camera a starting snapping shots around the Bravo Battery Area.  He had to learn some new tasks to get his photos to us, but he did a great job in mastering the art of scanning, etc.

Separated into six separate galleries for ease of viewing, Jim did his best to caption the 127 photos he agreed to share with us.  His photos are a great addition the website and to the history of Bravo Battery.  Many thanks for sharing your photos, Jim!
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