50 Years Ago

19 Jul 1965 -  The 6/27th Artillery was alerted for deployment to Vietnam.

26 Jul 1965 - LTC Robert J. McKay assumed command of the Battalion

          2  Aug 1965 - The 27th was notified that they would be assigned to USARPAC upon embarkation. All equipment was to be ready for shipment by
August 15th; all personnel had to be ready by September 18th.

24 Sep 1965 – Equipment is on board USNS Dick Lykes
 and leaves on a 33 day voyage for Vietnam

1 Oct 1965 - Main body consisting of 24 officers, 3 warrant officers and 544 enlisted men left Fort Bliss by  troop train for Oakland Army Depot

2 & 3 Oct 1965 - Remaining battalion personnel flown from
Fort Bliss
to San Francisco

  4 Oct 1965 - USNS Gordon left Oakland Army Terminal for Vietnam

19 Oct 1965 - The Gordon stops at White Beach, Okinawa  

23 Oct 1965 - The Gordon arrives in Vietnam, at Qui Nhon

26 Oct 1965 - The Battalion was assigned to the 23d Artillery Group

31 Oct 1965 – Equipment ship USNS Dick Lykes arrives at Vung Tau, RVN

  2 Nov 1965 - The Gordon arrives at Vung Tau

  3 Nov 1965 - The battalion disembarks at Vung Tau and is flown to Bien Hoa Air Base and staging area

  4 Nov 1965 - The Dick Lykes with battalion equipment arrives in Saigon harbor

10 Nov 1965 - A and Service batteries deployed to Widow's Village, east of Bien Hoa

 On or about 10 Nov 1965 - First Fire Mission in Vietnam   

19 Nov 1965 - B, C, HQ batteries deployed to Phuoc Vinh

  9 Dec 1965 - Alpha and Service Batteries relocate to north side of Bien Hoa Air Base.

24 Dec 1965 - General Harold K. Johnson, Army Chief of Staff, visits C Battery at Phuoc Vinh

26 June 1966 6/27th Artillery First Vietnam Casualty

The year 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam.  Throughout the next months we will be marking this anniversary with significant "milestones" or "events" that occurred in the history of the Battalion.  Our source will be the "A Legacy of Honor".  Many thanks to Adrian Gravelle, former XO of Service Battery, for a great suggestion!



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