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1LT. Thomas Eddy was promoted posthumously to Captain.  He may have been the first casualty that the 6/27th Artillery suffered in Nam. He used to take a squad of guys and do a perimeter search every night around the base camp in Phouc Vinh.   I think he was assigned to HQ Battery.   While coming back into the base camp at Phouc Vinh he failed to acknowledge the gate guards demand to "halt who goes there!".  When he failed to stop the guard fired three rounds from his M-14 into CPT Eddy's chest.  For some reason I'll always remember when the news came down to us in Long Binh.  If you remember, the 23rd Artillery Groups Personnel Section was with us at Service Battery there in Long Binh.
Larry Kantroski

SVC Btry 6/27th Arty  May 66-Aug 67
I well remember that night that Lt. Eddy was shot and killed.  I had met the Lt. on several occasions and he was a fine officer.
Former Sgt 4th Gun Section - ABtry 6/27th Arty 
John Pope CW3 USAR Retired
I knew Tom Eddy very well at Fort Bliss and during our service at Phouc Vinh. Tom was a wonderful person and an outstanding officer. I was back in the States when Tom was killed and heard a slightly different version of the circumstances surrounding his death from another officer who was in Phouc Vinh at the time. I heard that Tom was killed by one of his own men while on a night patrol outside of Phouc Vinh. I also heard that Tom's parents wrote the soldier who fired the fatal shots to tell him that he should not feel that the incident was his fault. I think about Tom often and know that he died doing his duty and taking care of his men.

While I think Tom might have been the first member of the 27th Arty killed at Phouc Vinh, there were other casualties, including the Battalion Commander, Lt Col McKay and Maj McManus who were wounded when their plane was shot down during a mission south of Phouc Vinh.
Allen Lackey, 1/LT, HQ Btry - 1965-66.

Photo Courtesy John Girardeau and Adrian Gravelle
Doc David Hastings Photo

   Entrance Cemetary Final Resting Place of Captain Thomas Earl Eddy             Photos Courtesy

Gravestone Thomas EddyThomas Earl Eddy

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