Richard Ronnie Little
Richard "Ronnie" Little served with Bravo Battery 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam.

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Richard Little was known as Rich to the guys in the motor pool at Camp Martin , Song Be Vietnam, 6\27 Arty , Bravo Brty  ,1968.

I remember the first day Rich showed up at Camp Martin ! It was the beginning of monsoon or there about. Rich came running in to the hooch trying to stay dry. He was a little upset that his new jungle boots were all covered with red mud. I told him, “take that bunk right across the aisle from me and give me your boots” While Rich was unpacking his duffle bag I went out of the hooch and put about 20 lbs of red mud all over his shiny new jungle boots and took them back down in the hooch. Rich looked at his shiny new boots, and at me, then at his boots and then a laugh came out of Rich like he was a kid that just got away with something! 

Any person that had been to Nam knows mud. A bond had been set! We spent many nights knee to knee writing home and I would often say, ‘say hi to Judy!’ (his wife) I don't know if he ever did or not, but he would say the same to me, to whoever I was writing to.

I left Nam  in Feb. of 1969 never to see Rich again. A couple of years ago I entered the techno world and found the 6\27 website, got registered on the roster and found Rich's and a couple other guys email addresses. I emailed Rich! I nervously waited for a reply! What if he didn't open it! What if he didn't remember me? Well he did open it and he remembered me, I was thrilled !!

Rich wasn't doing good then, but things where looking up. In the following months we talked about our families; what we end up doing for work and so on. Time went on, we hadn't talk in a while and  Christmas was coming on. I don't remember what I wrote, but Judy his wife emailed me back and told me Rich had passed on, but she said,  my email had put a smile on his face.
Rich was a good man, a good friend and someone you could rely on!

Rich, I'm not going to say goodbye. I can only say, catch you later; we can talk about old times and maybe have a beer.

A friend always,

Jim Hoyt

For those who would like to see pictures of Rich in Vietnam, go to Jim Hoyt's photo page.







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