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David Willingham's Charlie Battery Photos
Phouc Vinh 1968 - 1969


David Willingham PhotoDavid Willingham arrived at Phouc Vinh and Charlie Battery 6/27th Artilliery in September 1968.  He was first assigned to the Ammo Section, but within a couple of weeks he Was moved to the Executive Post as Battery Recorder.


David has shared 73 photos with the site from Charlie Battery in 1968 and 1969.  We think you will enjoy his photos and you Charlie Battery Vets may recognize a face or two.  There are a few unidentified so we could use your help if you remember any of them.


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Karl Sherck's Charlie & Alpha Battery Photos - 1967-68


Photo Karl SherckKarl Sherck had the "privilege" of serving with two 6th Battalion 27th Artillery batteries in Vietnam - Charlie and Alpha.  He has graciously shared his photos from 1966 to 1967.  There are over thirty photos from his Charlie Btry time.  In July of 1967 he was transferred to Alpha where he served out his Vietnam tour.  Three photo galleries include over eighty photos of Alpha Battery, the French Swimming Pool and photos of Vietnamese children at Christmas 1967.  Many thanks to Karl for sharing his photos.




Charles "Duke" Holden's Charlie Battery Photos

Duke Holden served with Charlie Battery from January 1970 until August 1971.  Many of the 59 photos he has shared with us were taken at Bu Dop and are of fellow soldiers he served with.  Duke has identified almost everyone in the photos but a few are labeled as "Unknown".   If you recognize anyone be sure to let us know.  View Duke's photos here.


Bill Posey's Charlie Battery Photos - 1970 to 71

Bill Posey writes:  "I arrived in Vietnam In April 1970 at 90th Replacement Center. I was then assigned to 6/27 Artillery “C” Battery in Phu Loi. I was a "Shake-and-Bake" buck sergeant and was assigned to gun 3. About two weeks after I arrived we got orders that we were going to relocate in the fish Hook area. We jumped around building firebases, most of which I cannot remember the names of anymore. It was a solid five weeks of hard work, although it was exciting."

Join Bill in viewing over 300 images from his first Vietnam tour of duty with Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery.  In six separate photo galleries Bill shares his photos with the site and you.  Thanks for sharing your memories and photos with us, Bill.  Click here to view Bill's photos.



Charlie Battery Medic Remembers His Vietnam Service
David Hastings was an accountant with a Master's Degree when he was drafted in June, 1965.  Naturally, the Army took his extensive education into account when they decided to send him to the
Medic Training Center, at Fort Sam Houston, Texas to train be be a medic.  David recalls his days with Charlie Battery 6/27th Artillery in Vietnam and includes a number of photos of Charlie Battery at Phouc Vinh.  Click here to read "Doc Hastings Remembers."



David "Doc" Hastings' Additional Memories of Charlie Battery

David "Doc" HastingsMany thanks to David Hastings for some additional memories of Charlie Battery at Phouc Vinh in 1966-67.  It's interesting how one still remembers things from our past service in Vietnam more than fifty years later.  David is a skilled writer and has included a few photos to help visualize his memories.  I think you will find them interesting.
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"Present at the End"
Photos of Bravo & Charlie Btrys and the Stand Down
Roger Garner had the "pleasure" to serve in two 6/27th Batteries - Bravo and Charlie - in 1971.  His photo collection brings us snaps of FSB Wade, Snuffy, Haymaker and a number of FSBs whose names he does not recall.  Roger was present at the end of the 6/27th Battalion's time in Vietnam when they stood down at Phu Loi in late October 1971.  Click here to view his photo collection and read his memory of his tour.



There's a Right Time For Everything - Lessons Learned
In his story "Incoming", Ken Wright, Charlie Battery, remembers with help from his former gun crew members, that it is not wise to prepare for a move of the guns too early.  You might save a little time in the morning but it can lead to some hair-raising consequences.  Check it out Here.



Reunion Story Triggers Remembrance

While attending the 2008 Branson Reunion Richard Fillerup told a story about rats in Quan Loi that reminded Ken Wright of an encounter with a nest of snakes.  Read his story here.

Phuoc Vinh - Charlie Battery - 1969 Photos
William "Bill" Sponseller who served  at Phuoc Vinh has provided us with images of his time with Charlie Battery and some photos of "going home".  Bill joins others from Charlie in our attempt to document the 6/27th Artillery time in Vietnam.  Click Here to check them out - I think you will enjoy seeing them, especially and vintage shot of Norm Wolfinger (See below) in khakis at Ft. Sill.



Ken Wright's  A Meeting With A Mine
We all know what IUDs have done to our soldiers in Iraq.  Regular mines posed a danger when traveling the roads in Vietnam.  Ken Wright relates a short story with photos of the day his 175mm gun hit a mine in the road while moving from a Fire Support Base in May 1970.  Click Here to View



Ken Wright's Vietnam Videos
A great addition to the site has  recently arrived  from Ken Wright, #1 Gun Chief, Charlie Battery, 1970-71.  Between September 1970 and April 1971 Ken shot 8mm film of Charlie Battery as it moved from Fire Support Base to FSB in Vietnam.  Last year Ken's son transferred this film to VHS video and recently Ken had those tapes transferred to DVD.  Ken was generous to share some of those movies with us.


In order to expedite download and viewing the video has been split into four parts and set up as Windows  Video Media files.  Two versions of each part were made - one for faster broadband users and one for dial-up users.  The versions are identical but viewing size is smaller for the dial-up user.  Even then, the files range from 42-45 Mbs for broadband and  22-26 Mbs each for dial-up users.  It may require your patience to load and view each part, but I think you will find it worth your time.  Click Here to start viewing.  Thanks again, Ken!!!


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