SPC David Willingham's Vietnam Photos & Memories - 1968-69

Charlie Battery 6th BN 27th Artillery
Phouc Vinh, South Vietnam
Sep 1968 to Sep 1969

I served in the ammo section when I first arrived and in about two weeks was transferred to the Exec Post as a Battery Recorder. In mid July 1969 I was assigned to the Recon Sgt slot where I remained until I went home in September 1969. I worked for the Chief of Smoke as recorder. The Chief arrived in country about the same time I did. We left Vietnam about the same time. The Chief was looking out for me. He was asking folks to extend and when he came to me I told him I was thinking about another 6 months extention. He said, ďno, youíre going home when I go.Ē After going home to Fort Sill, where he also went, he continued to assist me and my family. Times were financially hard with a new baby that was born in November 1968. The old Chief of Smoke would drop me a few bucks every now and then. He was a great guy. He passed away in 1983. He had retired as MSG.

SGT Christopher and I were close friends. We played music together in Phouc Vinh. We stay in touch till this day.

1LT Solomon was kind of stiff and didnít like us southern boys playing them guitars. One day he came to me and asked if I thought he could learn to play. I told him sure. We purchased an old guitar in Phouc Vinh village and I taught him the cords and soon he was playing. He was very smart and knew how to read music. I played by ear and didnít know how to read music. He mellowed and we became friends and he was then transferred to F Battery 16th Arty as the new Commander there. When he transferred he went on R&R to Australia and bought a Slim Whitman album and sent it to me. I havenít been able to find him since Vietnam.

I retired from the Oklahoma Army National Guard as CSM in 2000.
David Willingham  Then and Now
C Btry 6/27th Artillery
Sep 68 to Sep 69


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