The Holbrook Brothers - Fred & Jerry

See:  A Legacy Of Honor 6th Battalion, 27th Artillery
         Original 175mm/8inch Technical Manual























Tom Watkins

See:  Tom Watkins Vietnam Photos 1967 to 1968
























Robert W. Smith

See:  Copy of Pacific Stars and Stripes August 14, 1969






















Dale Martin

See:  Dale Martin's Vietnam Photos 1965-66




















Larry Korteum

See:  VN Views by A Service Battery 6/27th Arty Ammo Hauler 68-69
           Remembering Tet - 1968



























John Girardeau   John Passed Away January 23, 2017

See:  John Girardeau's Vietnam Photos 1965-66

          Memories of Vietnam - A Video Interview

                                     Trolling For Targets, War Zone D, Vietnam 1966
                                                    A Story by John Girardeau






























Jim Higgins

See:  Jim Higgins Quan Loi Airstrip & Aircraft - 1969 - 70

























James P. Floyd

See:  Building New Gun Pads & Other Quan Loi Photos - 1968-69























Bill Carruthrers

See:  Photo - Quan Loi From the Air
         See Bill's Website - The Battle of An Loc






















Larry W. ThomasLarry W. Thomas

See:  SP5 Larry W. Thomas' 1969 Quan Loi Video







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