Ralph Corliss

See:  Remembering Alpha Battery Quan Loi - 1969-70
























John Anderson

See:  John Anderson's VN  Photos 1965-66
























Tom Sheehy

See:  Quan Loi Photos
         Phuoc Vinh Photos


























Adrian Gravelle

See:  Adrian Gravelle's Vietnam 1965-66






















Bob Moore

See:  Views From Gun # 4 - Jan 1969 to March 1970

























Marc Levy

See:  "The war was always in the background." -
           (Gloucester Daily Times

           Marc Levy's Stories - Page One
           Marc Levy's Stories - Page Two
           Who is Marc Levy
























Mario Williams

See:  The Day the Tube Exploded

























Robert Aston

 See:  Additional Repair Information on the  "Quan Loi Queen"























Roy Maldonado

See:  Quan Loi - 1968 Photos





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