A Fatherís Visit
One of my good friends in Vietnam was Bob Moore. Bob and I loved to drink rum and coke. We used to pay the NCOís to get us rum from their club; we could only get beer in ours. We would sit under the stars on top of a bunker sipping that sweet tasting concoction. A lot of times you could see Snoopy streaming down bullets somewhere off in the distance, flares exploding or just simply lightning. Those were fireworks shows Iíll never forget. To this day, when I watch fireworks, I think of those nights drinking rum and coke and watching the night lights of Vietnam.

One of the bravest acts that I witnessed in Vietnam was when a Cobra Gunship was coming in to land and banked too sharply. The ship crashed right in front of us. Bob ran to the cockpit and pulled the pilot and co-pilot from the chopper with the help of the machine-gunner. He risked his life, and should have gotten a medal for his heroism, but I donít think he did. It took a lot of guts for him to risk his life for someone that he did not even know.

Bob did not tell many people that his father was a Colonel. One day his father flew in and landed near our area. He and Bob walked around the area together and talked quietly. Bobís father could have kept him out of Vietnam, but neither Bob nor his father tried to pull any strings. They accepted fate and what would be would be. Bob was one of the bravest men I ever met.
Larry Jameson  Then and Now


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