Fred "Larry" Jameson
1946 to April 13, 2008 - Age 62



 In October of 2011 Jim Miller, an old friend of Larry Jameson wrote me the following:

Hi John; I donít know exactly what brought me back to your website today but I found myself there and reading some of the information posted by an old friend. Larry and I were friends all the way back to high school and then reestablished that friendship again after his discharge from the army. We had some good times together.

I did not know if you knew Larry passed away a few years ago to pancreatic cancer. Like a lot of things none of us knew until it was too late.

Jim Miller


Larry Jameson was a long-time contributor to the website.  He was an excellent writer who sent his first story, "Guard Duty Memories" in January 2003 when the website had only been around for a few months.  The new content was a welcome addition to the new site.   Over the course of the next few years Larry sent several more stories, all worth your time to read:

Guard Duty Memories


May 12, 1969
A Day Off in Quan Loi

Shit Burns

Thunder Road

548 Driver

Laundry Run


A Fatherís Visit

Through our communications Larry and I learned we had a unique connection even though we did not serve with Alpha Battery at Quan Loi at the same time.  This connection was told in a story I wrote called Mystery of the Lost Slides along with a posting of Larry's "lost" slides - Larry Jameson Lost Slide/Photos.

Larry Jameson in Hospital in Japan

Larry and I never met in person.  He kept saying he was going to make it to one of the reunions, but he said his life was busy and he could never spare the time.  He finally said he would have to wait until his planned retirement in 2007, but that must have never came about.  Over the years I sent Larry messages requesting new stories and he always begged off with the excuse that he was too busy at the time. 

Eventually, one day, in 2008, Larry's email address bounced after sending out a group mailing for the Branson Reunion.  It is not unusual for guys to change email providers so I didn't think much of it at the time and just figured I would hear from him with a new address.  Time passed as it does and last year I received Jim Miller's message informing me of Larry's death.  Attached to his message was a copy of Larry's obituary.  I felt guilty that I had not known of Larry's sickness or his passing during those intervening years and that I had not tried to contact him.

I take this time now to remember you and thank you Larry for sharing your stories with us.  You were able to bring back memories we all shared from our time in Quan Loi with the 6/27th Artillery.  I also thank you for our friendship formed via the connection of your "lost" slides.

"It's never too late to remember a friend!"

John Wavra            
Memorial Day 2012




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