Obituaries and Memorials

6/27th Artillery Soldiers & Friends
In Memoriam For Those Soldiers Lost in Vietnam
Quan Loi Queen Load Master Norman Eugene Thomas
Comrade Lost in Iraq - SPC Jose "Amancio" Perez III
Judy Allen
David L. Bedard
George W. Bentley
John K. Bradshaw
CSM Thomas Carr
Col Cliford Don Clay
Joseph H. Cragmiles
Ollie "Pete" Farris
John H. Girardeau
Gary P. Graham
Nona E. (Bessie) Graham
Donald J. Graham
Eunice Holmes
Larry Jameson
Stella Jefferies
Archie Lamar Jones
Ervin F. Kamm, Jr
Randy S. Kingsbury
Mark L. Kleinhans
Joe Allen Lang
Richard "Ronnie" Little
Dale Martin
Col George Glover Mays
George "Monty" Montgomery
H "Harry" Todd Parker
Col Daniel Holly Ralls
John Wesley Scott
Willie Sutton, Jr.
LTC Anthony "Tony" Allen Volponi
W. Berry Watson
Kenneth Lee Wright
Norm Wolfinger
John Zmarthie
Others of Note:
Willis Hawkins
Ancel Keys
Major General George S. Patton


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