Joe Cragmiles

It is with a great deal of sadness that I just recently  learned of Joe Cragmiles passing.

When the website first went live, it was not very long before Joe and his friend Pete Farris contacted me to complain that there was nothing on the website for the years (1967-68) that he and Pete had served in Vietnam with the Alpha Battery, 6/27th Artillery. They could not understand why I had not put up anything from those years.

I "un-gently" explained to the both of them that I did not have any photos or stories from guys that served during this timeframe and that I was not capable of making up stuff on my own.  They both soon sent me some photos to upload.

Throughout the last twenty years Joe called me periodically to talk about Vietnam and his service there.  It was usually an hour to two hour conversation, but it was always interesting and informative.

Last year I tried to contact Joe, but was unsuccessful in doing so and I was concerned for his well-being as he usually called me every few months.  I had no way of reaching him, however.  I will miss my phone calls with him.  John Wavra

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Joe Cragmiles


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