Map Reading Made Easy

By Don "Sgt Snuffy" Smith


Map Used:  Son Ha
Map # L7014-6739-III
Scale:  1:50,000

Grids Use:
LZ Buff (Later renamed LS Stinson) BS 539824
Note:  This is where I operated out of in 1970-71

1.  Grid Designator:
This is located at the bottom center of map sheet
Example:  Son Ha map, grid designator is BS
See picture Grid Designator - 100,000 m. Square Identification - BS

2.  Finding your location:
a.  Locate your East to West Grid line, in this case it's 53.
b.  Locate your South to North grid line, in this cas.e it's 82
c.  After you have them intersected, go over 9 numbers (900 meters) & up 4 numbrs
(400 meters) and where they intersect is your location
See Picture Map & Protractor:

3.  Practical Exercises:a.  Find BS516778, what is it?
b.  Find BS454804, what is it?
c.  Find BS473863, what is it?
See answers below
d.  How the maps go together?
See pciture Map Sheets - Where They Go
This shows you where they go left or, up or down

1.  OP1
2.  LZ Honey
3.  OP George

This Map Reading Lesson and Maps Are Courtesy of:

Don 'SGT Snuffy' Smith   
Now  and Then
HQ (G-3) & HHC 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) Jul 1968-69

C Company & E Company (Recon Platoon),
1/52nd Infantry, 198th LIB, 23rd Infantry Division (Americal)  Aug 1970-71
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