Stories, Recollections, Remembrances, Memories etc... by the soldiers of the 6/27th Artillery Vietnam and other Soldiers who served at Quan Loi.
"The Saga of the Quan Loi Queen"  - Memories by her pilot, Lou Hari
"From The Heart" - A Story For Memorial Day - by Roger Mallory
"Incoming"  by Ken Wright
"A Medic's Remembrance of May 12, 1969" by Fred Deakins
"Mad Minute"  by Roger Mallory
"As Everyone Knows..." by Ken Wright
"The Numbers System" by Gary Graham
"My First Night At Quan Loi"  by Roger Mallory
"Headgear" by Gary Graham
"Quan Loi - August 12, 1969 Ground Attack - A Grunt's Perspective" by Thomas Mathis
"Finally Flying" by Ralph Porter
"North Star Five Niner, Over by Gary Graham
"The Ocean Journey of the 6/27th Artillery Equipment"  by Wesley Jefferies
"Mistakes and Transitions" by Ralph Porter
"June 5, 1969" by Mike Cumiford
"May 12, 1969" by Mike Cumiford
"KABOOM!" by Roger Mallory
"Flying Too Low" by George Montgomery
"Trophies"  by Marc Levy
"The Battle at Burkett, Choices Made" by Ralph Porter
"Convoys - The First One"  by Roger Mallory
"Dead Letter Day" A Poem and Commentary by Marc Levy
"Deconstructing Defiance"  by Ralph Porter
"Malaria Pills" by Ralph Porter
"Paradise" by Marc Levy
"The Expendable Gun" by Ralph Porter
"Today's Mourning"  by Mike Mercer
"No Windows, No Doors" by Mike Mercer
"Long Binh Bound 707"  by Mike Mercer
"The Best Christmas Ever"  by Roger Mallory
"Vietnam Today" - A Q & A with Scott Krueger
"Turkey - A Story of Christmas in Vietnam" by Gary Graham
"Sgt. Jack My Nemesis" by Roger Mallory
"The Dark Angry Secrets of Mike and Doc" by Marc Levy (Find it under "Additional Stories" bubble on this linked page
"Photo Jim Dumb" by Marc Levy (Find it under "Additional Stories" bubble on this linked page
"Klink am Zurichberg" by Marc Levy (Find it under "Additional Stories" bubble on this linked page)
"My Big Fat Beautiful R & R" by Marc Levy (Find it under "Additional Stories" bubble on this linked page)
"Conflict Resolution" by Marc Levy  (Find it under "Additional Stories" bubble on this linked page) 
"Respect" by Marc Levy  (Find it under "Additional Stories" bubble on this linked page)
"Spit Shine Guard Mount"  by Roger Mallory
"From the Heart and Mind of Marc Levy"  A series of stories from a fine writer and former 1st Cav Combat Medic
"Before May 12, 1969" and "May 12, 1969" by Eddie "Zak" Pop
"For Brupbacher"  by Roger Mallory
"My Journey Back to the World - Part 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5" by Gary Graham
"In Memory of SSgt Archie Lamar Jones"  by Reed McDonald
"Trilogy of Travel" by Roger Mallory
"Flight#1 - Quan Loi International Airport" by Bill Carr
"Late Chow" by Gary Graham
"Cambodian 'Turkey Shoot' - 1970"  a photo story by Scott Krueger
"Traveling In-Country Unattached"  by Gary Graham
"My First Day In Country"  by Les Higa
"When You Go To Sleep"  by Gary Graham
"My Freedom Bird"  by Reed McDonald
"Stay Away From Loud Noises"  by Gary Graham
"My Journey to Loc Ninh"  by Tom Hynes
"Electrical Problems"  by Gary Graham
"A Day Off in Quan Loi"  by Larry Jameson
"Why Are These Guys a Funny Orange Color"  by Tom Hynes
"From Quan Loi to Las Vegas"  by Roger Mallory
"A Father's Visit" by Larry Jameson
"Vietnam Memories - May 12, 1969"  by Larry Hutchison Plus Larry's Quan Loi Photo Galleries
"Convoying On Thunder Road"  by Gary Graham
"Companions"  by Roger Mallory
"Shit Burns"  By Larry Jameson
"Quan Loi Airfield 2004 QuickTime Virtual Reality Panorama" 
Panorama by Scott Krueger
 (Requires QuickTime Player)
"My First Night in Quan Loi"  by Jerald Dilge
"June 6, 1969" by Roger Mallory
"Vietnam Memories:  Quan Loi, Dec. 1969 to April 1970"  by Jan Askman
"May 12, 1969"  by Larry Jameson
"Hand Delivered Mail"  by Nona Graham
"May 12, 1969 Quan Loi - A Video Remembrance" by Norm Wolfinger and Others
"May 12th, 1969" by Gary Graham
"The Wall"  by Nona Graham
"May 12, 1969"  by Roger Mallory
"Finding Quan Loi"  by Scott Krueger
"A Night at Thunder Three"  by Roger Mallory
"Scared, and Bunker 8 in HHB"  by Arvin Battersby
"An Incident While on R & R"  by Gary Graham
"Riding a Caribou"  by John Wavra
"Santa Bou"  by Scott Krueger
"An Easter Memory"  by Nona Graham
"Every Year About This Time"  by Nona Graham
"Quan Loi, CCS and Me - Near the End - An Loc/Quan Loi 1971-1972"  by Rick Harris
"Return to Loc Ninh"  by Scott Krueger
"Haymaker Echo on Nui Ba Ra"  by Roger Mallory
"The First Time"  by Roger Mallory
"Colorful Language"  by Gary Graham
"The Decision"  by Gary Graham
"Building the Bunkers and Gun Pads at Quan Loi"  by Pete Farris
"Operational Report/Lessons Learned?"  by Les Higa
"The Streaker(s)"  by Gary Graham
"Thunder Road"  by Larry Jameson
"Girls! Girls! Girls!"  by Gary Graham
"Guard Duty"  by Larry Jameson
"How I Arrived in Quan Loi and a Special Thanks"  by Jim Hynes
"The Sapper"  by Gary Graham
"The Mystery of the 35mm Slides"  by John Wavra
"The Surprise in the Care Package"  by Gary Graham
"A Fishing Tale"  by Les Higa
"The Day the Gun Exploded"  by Mario Williams
"An Infantryman Remembers Quan Loi"  by Jack Giffin
"Laundry Run - Chapter 4"  by Larry Jameson
"The Snake"   by Reed McDonald
"Quan Loi:  Where I Learned the Meaning of Fear and Other Memories"  by CPT Tom Atkins, Chaplin, USN
"Alpha Battery After Quan Loi"   by Les Higa
"FNG"   by Larry Jameson
"548 Driver"  by Larry Jameson
"The Discovery - One of the Good Memories of Vietnam"   by Reed McDonald
"Promoted"  by Larry Jameson
"Witness at the Beginning - A Battery at Quan Loi - Jan 1967"  by Larry Kantroski
If you would like to tell your story, a single experience, a memory of a fellow soldier...etc... maybe include a photo then and now, send me an email at the the address below. I will be happy to help you and we will put it up on this page.    I look forward to hearing from you.  J.Wavra 

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