Roger Garner

See:  "Present at the End" Photos of Bravo & Charlie Btry - 1971


























Les Higa



Alpha Battery After Quan Loi
My First Days In Country 365, Let Me Count The Days"

A Fishing Tale
A Short Primer On Locating Buddies
























Reed McDonald



In Memory of Staff Sergeant Archie Lamar Jones
The Discovery - One of the good memories of Vietnam
The Snake
Photo Galleries 1969 to 1970

Quan Loi Mist Panorama Photo
Numba One Photos
How This Site Got Started
FDC Tour
Bougainvilleas of Quan Loi - Pool Area Photos
























Roger Mallory



Haymaker Echo On Mount Nui Ba Ra
For Brupbacher

From Quan Loi to Las Vegas
Trilogy of Travel
The First Time

May 12th 1969
June 6, 1969
At Night at Thunder Three
Convoys - The First One
Sgt. Jack My Nemesis
The Best Christmas Ever
Spit Shine Guard Mount
My First Night At Quan Loi 
Mad Minute
From The Heart 






























Gary Korovich

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