If you liked this video and would like to see the completion of the video history, then I need your help!


First, I am looking for Cannon Kings who served in Vietnam during the years 1967 to 1972 - One from each Battery.  Volunteers must be willing to be interviewed and recorded for possible inclusion in future 6/27th History Videos regarding their service in Vietnam.  We will use Skype or Zoom and your interview will be recorded.  If you are interested please email me.

The Following is Most Important!

Second, "The Legacy of Honor - the 6th Battalion 27th Artillery History", upon which this video and part of the next video is based on, unfortunately, only covers the period up to June 1967.  I do not have all-knowing knowledge of the 6/27th's History after that.  But I know of someone that does - The U.S. National Archives.

Unfortunately, the National Archives wants $.80 cents per page to provide me with any copies of the documents they have.  There are 32 boxes of documents in their shelves and just one - Box 577: "6/27 Artillery Battalion Organizational History: 12/10/1962 to 11/12/1971", which I hope will be useful in writing the remaining history, has 350 pages to be copied.  That's $280.00 for just the contents of this one box. (350 X $.80) I do not wish to risk paying this amount of money myself for what may help write the 6/27th's History nor should I have to.  This is your History too!

Here's where you can help - I am requesting donations from any of you who are able - In any amount you wish to give, so that I can obtain copies of all of the 350 pages in this first box from the National Archives.  Hopefully, the information contained in these documents will help me write the remaining video histories. The NARA archivist wrote to me and described the contents of this box as follow: "These histories provide information on the organizational structure of the unit as well as background information on their formation and major involvements in military operations."

If you are willing and able to make a donation, in any amount, please send me an email and I will reply and let you know where to send it.

Please note:  The email address to donate is incorrect in the newsletter you may have been sent.  Please use the email link just above to donate.

Thank you, 
John Wavra

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