The Frenchmen's Pool & Clubhouse
at Quan Loi, South Vietnam
1965 - 1970


The making of this video may seem frivolous and insignificant in comparison to all the events and circumstances that arouse during the Vietnam War.  If you are thinking that - You are certainly correct, but the Frenchmen's Pool and Clubhouse Area at Quan Loi, South Vietnam certainly made a lasting impression on any soldier who visited it.

Of all of the photos this website has received from Quan Loi Veterans over the years, it is the Frenchmen's Swimming Pool and Clubhouse Area photos that are always included if the GI had the opportunity to visit it and had a camera

It was a part of Quan Loi Base Camp that was so out of synch with the rest of the camp that it left a life-long impression.  If you set foot in Quan Loi during the Vietnam War and did not visit the Frenchmen's Pool you missed a one of a kind experience.  If you were able to actually swim in the pool consider yourself very lucky.

The Frenchmen's Pool & Clubhouse Area can only be described as a mini Shangri-La in the middle of a war zone.   It was not a place you expected to find in the middle of a rubber plantation/US Army base camp - at least not in a place only 10 miles from the Cambodian Border.  It's memory has a special place in the hearts of many GIs and that is enough reason to view this video and relive those memories.
John Wavra

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