2014 Las Vegas Reunion

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2014 Reunion Report

The 6th Reunion of the 6/27th Artillery Vietnam was once again held at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 17 and 18, 2014. The photo above shows those attending. This year's reunion brought only two last minute cancellations, but still remained the largest attended reunion up to this date.  Louis Greer and Narongrit Chobchit as well as Jan and Shelby Askman were unable to attend. They were all missed by those attending as well as those who were long-time attendees who did not attend this year. 

The 2014 Reunion also was the first to be attended by a general grade officer.  Brig. General R. W. "Bill" Crossley with his wife Ann were in attendance and were given a warm welcome. 

The Reunion's unofficial start began in the Flamingo Garden Bar on Tuesday, 9/16 where early arrivers met at  for drinks and conversation until well past midnight.

Registration began on Wednesday at 12:00 noon in the Flamingo Laughlin II Room,  A  Reception with a cash bar was held from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. View Reception photos here. This was a great opportunity for those attending to greet old friends and to meet and get to know those attending a reunion for the first time. As with each previous reunion the dynamics for this reunion were different. The friendliness and good spirit among all those attending was quite evident. 

Those attending for their first time besides Bill and Ann Crossley, were Curt and Jeanette Agne; John P. Nelle & Leslie Turks;  Dale & Regina Martin; Pedro Agosto; H. Samuel Cooke and his daughter, Kelly; Jon & Debra Heisler; Les Jensen;  and Tim & Eunice Holmes.  We hope you enjoyed this reunion and will consider attending the next.

Those attending had their Thursday daytime to enjoy Las Vegas, gamble or get together for more comradeship and friendship renewal.  Las Vegas' famous breakfast buffets were enjoyed by many.  A new attraction near the Flamingo Hotel, the High Roller, drew many veterans and spouses to take a turn on the huge slowly revolving wheel.  A number chose to spend some of their afternoon in the Flamingo outside patio bar area enjoying each other's company.

 The Banquet Dinner was held in the Flamingo Mesquite Room on Thursday, September 18, 2014.  By tradition the program was informal with a welcome from John Wavra. 

After dinner the room was called to order and Fallen Comrades  were remembered with a moment of silence after their names were read aloud and a toast offered by Don Clay to their memory. The traditional "Fallen Comrade" place was set at each table to remind each of us how fortunate we all were to have made it back from Vietnam and to be attending this reunion. It was again pointed out that all of us have been fortunate to live forty plus years longer than our comrades who gave their lives in Vietnam. View Dinner photos here.

Once again, as with previous reunions, the floor was then  opened to anyone who wanted to relate a memory, tell a funny story or whatever, and several Cannon Kings used this time to good advantage. It was fun to listen to new and old stories. When the last story was told the dinner was over and group photos were taken. The 2014 Reunion, it was agreed by most attending, had been one of the best of the six!   Many thanks to all who attended and to everyone who helped to make it the success that it was.   Hope to see you all in 2016!  John Wavra


Sorry if you were unable to attend this year's Reunion.  There is no replacing the actual experience of being there and  meeting fellow comrades and friends, but hopefully we can offer you the next best experience through a short video.  Please click here to view the 2014 Reunion Video.  (Play time is 14:52)


2014 Las Vegas Reunion Accounting & Supporting Documents


* Note: Many thanks to Roger Mallory, Les Higa, Stella & Wesley Jefferies and John Wavra for their photos used in these photo pages.


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